Hello! I am Haruka Kurebayashi.

Today's tutorial will show you how to create a cute makeup style inspired by the Pullip Dolls This time I have a model to base my makeup style on.

In such cases, when seeing the finished result, flaws will stand out more.

So I spread out the foundation to the corners of the face and up to my ears.

I also add the concealer part that says "face" on it as a highlight to my cheek, my forehead and the eye area as well as the corners of my mouth.

The sides of my mouth and my nose.

That's where I applied it.

I generally use the darker shade of the concealer on the hollow parts of the face or on other blemishes, and the sides of my nose.

Having in mind of Pullip dolls which you can customize , that's why I decided to create a heterochromia look.

The pink lenses are from "Miss Lilia".

The blue lenes are the SHUWA SHUWA Soda lenses from Cecil.

They are both 14.

5cm and are neither too big yet still resembling the size of round dolly eyes.

I marked the inner side of my lid, the water line with a brown eye pencil thus blending the space between the lashes.

After that I used a darker brown eye shadow, around the eyes, how should I put it, I pulled the lid up a little bit and shaded the rim of the eye.

I padded the powder on and spread it out.

Doll's eyes usually have the rim around the eyes.

The area between the white of the eye and the skin That rim is what I tried to create by using the eye shadow here.

Next, I will draw an eye line and add some lashes.

A trademark of the Pullip dolls are their catlike eyes.

I thus tried to make my eyes appear round but still give them an almond touch.

That is why I drew the line and then let the eyeliner stand up at the end like this.

For the top lashes I am using the Dolly Eye lashes.

They come in big bundles and define the eye well.

Each sharp hair bundles help to give the eyes a sharp look.

I shifted them a little bit towards the outer corners.

For the thickness of the eyeliner, Near the inner corners, add the lashes right near to your real lash line.

Then add the rest to the other side, and then add the lashes right on the top of the eye line you drew, at the outer corner.

This wig is pink and sky blue? Green? It's a split wig.

Since I have differently colored lenses I added pink and sky blue in reversed order and checked the overall balance.

So, if you guys select the contact lenses depending on your wig color, it will give you and even better dolly look in the end.

Pullip dolls can come in quite fancy colors, Many of them have a bit of a pink highlight on the inner corners of their eyes.

And this time to trace the corners of my eyes with pink On top of that I added some glittery pearl powder And this line here from top to bottom I emphasized a lot I added powder to it all.

After that, I picked the sides of my nose near the eye, I added this just outside the pink line, a bit on top of it, I added yellow like this.

The reason of this is that this is another trademark that can be found at the Pullip doll's eyes I have seen this yellow line at the dolls and that is why I added yellow this time too.

When doing a doll makeup, especially when doing Pullip makeup, orange blush is frequently used.

Starting at the outer corners of the eye, I drew a round circle.

Right at the top of my cheeks I created a soft blush.

If you think you applied too much or have too much in one place, then pad it gently and blend it gently in around the area.

That way you will get the cute Pullip doll result that you want to have.

Now, for the lower lashes.

I first used a black mascara on the bottom.

After I applied it all, I added a brown mascara, adding another two layers on top.

If you apply black first, then the black will stay at the tips And then you can add more brown on top of that.

The line that you drew around your line will thus still be clearly visible.

I felt there needed to be some more lashes, and I drew them on with an eye liner.

You get the same result using brown, but in order to create the catlike look, focus especially on your outer corners.

Try and draw them on clearly.

I applied this pearly white shadow at the area of the lid that have not yet been colored.

That way I made my lids look more rounded and it gives volume.

And then I used that color to add a highlight to my nose.

I started at the tallest part here, my forehead, and then drew it to the tip of my nose in one straight line.

I then added some shading.

I started over my lids, thus creating a double line.

A fake eye crease just above my real eye's crease.

People without a lid crease, can add the line just about 5mm underneath their eyebrows.

Dolls have eyes like this right?! They protrude like this, But the area between them and the forehead is indented.

In order to express that area between I added this double line.

I started just above the area where I added the pink on my inner corners.

Just making sure the eye shadows don't overlap.

Pull the line upwards and then gently create a curve.

The first line might come across quite strong.

Start with a thinner line and if it looks good, use a cotton bud like this to blend it in and create a natural looking result.

And as next step, taking care that the yellow and pink lines don't disappear, I added an extra nose shadow.

Dolly makeup can be a lot stronger, but this means that the area it can be used on is narrowed.

Use it on half of the nose and upwards, creating an edge.

Now for the eyebrows, I started drawing them further on the outer side.

My real eyebrows start here, and then come downwards here.

When doing dolly makeup, in order to make the eyes look bigger, the brows have to be drawn further away from the eye and outwards.

Pullip's brows are generally thinner and sit further on the outside.

and has parallel eyebrows, as a trademark.

That is why I drew my brows further outwards and upwards.

When starting with the eyeshadow, start over here.

Add the shadow above the area where the natural outer corner of your eyes would be.

If you mess it up then, it's still easy to fix.

Drawing eyebrows with eye shadow makes them more easier to fix.

And it's also good to be able to check the shadow while drawing.

Now for the color of the lips.

What Pullip generally uses a lot are orange lips.

That's why I first applied orange all over and then picking the middle, curved parts of the lips, I added the shocking pink right in the middle.

I mixed them and didn't apply gloss at the top.

That's how I finished the lips.

I tried to achieve typically doll-like lips with this.

Source: Youtube