Kawaii Big Eyes ART MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese model Haruka Kurebayashi | 紅林大空のカワイイデカ目アートメイク講座

Kawaii Big Eyes ART MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese model Haruka Kurebayashi | 紅林大空のカワイイデカ目アートメイク講座

Hello everyone! My name is Haruka Kurebayashi! Today's fashion topic is the sea! I will show you how I achievea glittery striped large eye make up! For the foundation base I use a CC cream.

It also contains a powerful color controlfoundation formula.

So with only one product, I am able to finish the overall foundation base makeup.

After adding the color contacts, I add the concealer tohide away bruises and spots.

The color contacts I use are pink 16 millimeter lensesfrom Cecil's Doki Doki series.

In this release, the outer border is thickerand makes the eyes look bigger.

On the inside, there is a heart pattern.

Even from afar, the heart pattern is very visible.

I recommend these for the flashy makeups based on just a few colors.

This concealer contains two makeup types"Eye" and "Face".

Eye is thicker and can be used to cover thelower lash line and dark circles, as well as the corners of your nose.

Furthermore, I cut myself with a mask yesterday.

Since the color is thicker, you can concealdarker blemishes.

The brighter "Face" concealer can be used on the highareas of the face, like a highlight.

I always shave my eyebrows, I therefore padded it on to hide my natural eyebrow line.

I then highlight my nose and my general T-zone This gel liner is an eyeliner that contains a generousamount of glitter.

It's made by NYX.

If you are looking for a very vibrant, dazzling, glitteryeye makeup then this would be the one.

They last surprisingly long and are waterproof.

Especially in summer they come in really handy.

I cover the whole upper lid in it, making it looklike a hill.

In Japan we often say "kamaboko".

The bottom is one straight line and the top is arounded half circle.

I draw it a little bit outwards at the outer cornersof the eyes.

At the outer corners, I add about 5-7 millimetersand create an arch.

Important points here are the outer lines.

In a widely spread makeup like this, it is importantto have an un-blurred, closed line.

You get a very different end result, depending on whether the outer lines are drawn clearly or not.

So this is where you need to be carefulin order to get it right.

I used NXY's yellow eye shadow powder.

This one does not contain any glitter.

The bottom blue is really strong and adding a product from the same brand generally creates a beautiful result.

Important point here is drawing the four lines straight, in a way that even from afar the vertical stripescan be seen.

Try to not make them too thick or too thin.

Keep a 5 millimeter space between them.

Try your best to fit about four stripes onto the lid.

I think the easiest tool to use here are cotton buds.

Put a little bit of color on the tips, and gently pad itonto the eyelid.

At the bottom of the outer corner I added another line.

It sets a nice accent and creates a great balance.

I drew an eye line onto the top lid, starting at the innercorners and following the natural upper lid line.

I stretched it at the outer corners for about 7mm.

Make sure not to draw the eye line outsideof the blue base.

Like this.

Stay just about inside the blue.

The outline of the blue will depend on the shape of yournatural eyes.

The eyeliner can be applied normally.

For upper and lower lashes I use my favoriteJapanese brand, Studio HIME.

These lashes contain Swarovski stones.

The top lashes do not have too much volumeand give a straightforward look.

When wearing a distinct, colorful makeup, you can addthese without any problems.

I use these a lot.

The lower lashes come in bundles, like the volumelashes that I generally use.

In order to move the center of attention down tothe bottom as much as possible, I added these bottom lashes.

After adding the lashes, there is a gap of about 2mmbetween the eye and the lashes.

I fill that area with little dots,instead of filling with one thick line.

I carefully take that space and gradually fill itwith small strokes.

There generally is a gap of about 3-4mmbetween top and bottom lashes.

I filled that space with natural looking,hand drawn lashes.

These lower lashes are quite short.

If there suddenly are no lashes at the inner corners,it will look unnatural.

It might just be my thing, but I used a Canmake black mascara to add presence to those inner lashes.

Matching the brows with the eye shadow, I chose a glittery blue-green eye shadow color.

Important point when creating colorful eyebrowsis to start at the inner corner of the eyes and then drawing them out in quick strokes.

The color reaches to about where the black of your eyes ends.

After that I use a proper ash colored eyebrow pencil to create the shape of the eyebrows.

When creating the brows, I use a dark color.

When using ash colors,I draw inwards from the outer corners.

I draw the outer eyebrows while keeping the naturalshape of my eyebrows in mind and gradually connect themwith the colorful inner corners.

When blending them, I have abouthalf of the lines overlap.

After that do not draw horizontally but vertically.

That way it will not become too strong and it iseasier to create the brows that you want.

For the cheeks I purposefully used a stronger color.

I apply it at the highest point of my cheeks,really close to the eyes.

Reaching for the lashes.

Round and rather clearly defined.

For the nose shadow I use a darker brown.

I pad it in to avoid applying too much at a time.

From the start of the eyebrows, following the line down from the eyes, I draw it in an arch shape like this.

I drew it about halfway down my nose.

Now I add the highlight in one straight lineon top of my nose.

Following that I highlight on thearea between eyebrow and eye.

If you add a highlight here, then the earlier drawnstriped part will look brighter.

Finally, I pad a little bit below the eyes.

The outer corner of the eyes appear quite heavy and gives a bit of a panda like look, so I add a highlight at the inner corner.

It will balance the heavy outer corner and make the eye appear more rounded.

For the base make up of my lips, I use the orangecolor from Maybelline's BABY LIPS.

I cover my whole lips.

This lip balm is really glossy.

It resembles the tinted lip creams that arequite popular in Japan right now.

On top of that, I added a red lip balm fromthe same company.

I focused here on applying it in a zigzag motionmainly to the middle of the lips.

It blends in really well.

Once the color sits perfectly, I apply a pink lip glossfrom ETUDE HOUSE in little dots on top.

Having created full, plump lips, I am finished.

About my hair today: First, I parted my fringein the shape of an M.

After that, I gathered the hair in the middle and fixedmy hair with hair pins, starting at the top.

I then fixed the fringe with a final pin at the bottom.

And that's how easily it is done.

A while back V shaped bangs were in fashion.

I adapted this for a girly hairstyle.

These pins are quite simple but I arranged them in a kind of Decora style.

so funny.

Source: Youtube