– What up world? It's me Brizzy and I know Iusually narrate these tutorials as the character that I'm changing into, but I'm really short on timethis week so I'm very sorry but I hope it's cool if I talkto you guys for a few minutes as I teach you how totransform from a normal, innocent civilian into thissinister blade Katarina from the video game "League of Legends".

First step is to get green eyeballs.

I got these contacts from PinkyParadise.

Next step is to put glueinto your left eyebrow.

Yes, glue, from a glue stick.

You want to run it through one way, run it through the other way.

Really lather it downparticularly in this one spot, kind of above your pupil because we're gonna be wanting to put make-up over a tiny bit of this eyebrow because that's where our scar is going through.

So basically you latheron the glue, let it dry.

Powder it, put on some concealer on it.

Powder it again, and thenrepeat the process until you feel like you've got a solidsurface that you can put make-up on to.

If you have lighter eyebrows, you're probably not evengonna have to do this, but my eyebrows are pretty thick and dark.

Then you're just gonnadraw in your eyebrows around that little space.

Next, take a pinkish red lip liner and trace out your scar.

For starting out, you reallyjust need a little bit above your eyebrow and a littlebit below your eyeball.

See if you can get thescar to taper off into a point on either side.

Next we're gonna take some rigidcollodion which you can get at any Halloween store or aspecial effects make-up store.

And really don't wanna getthis close to your eyes or really just put it about aninch below my eye on the scar, and on the scar above my eyebrow.

So you apply a layer, let it dry, and apply another layer, and repeat like a milliontimes until you start to notice that your skin is tightening and it's starting to getthat cool 3-D effect where it actually looks like a chunkof your skin is missing.

Yay! If you have sensitive skin, you probably really don'twanna be doing this even this close to your eye.

But collodion is great for alast-minute Halloween look.

You can just go to a Halloween store, grab a bottle of it, and draw some scars onyour cheeks and stuff, and then put on sometough clothes and bam! You're like a zombieapocalypse survivor.


Next I'm gonna draw somelip liner into that little space in my eyebrow and fill up my eyebrowsa little bit better.

Then I'm gonna prime my lidswith some eye shadow primer, and apply some dark,pinkish, reddish eye shadow all over my eye lid.

I'm gonna pack this coloron more heavily on the outer corner of my eye just togive it more dimension and sweep it under my lower lash line.

Next I'm gonna conceal those dark circles and then draw in a littlebit more of the scar with the lip liner.

And if you wanna darken up thescar in your eye a little bit to make up for the lack of collodion, just grab some darker eye shadow and trace it on.

Next, we're gonna go for thatflawless video game character look by putting on loadsof concealer and foundation and powder foundation and justcovering up all of the flaws.

Next using some black eye shadow, I'm gonna trace out some, I'm just kidding I'm gonnaget it all over my lip.

What am I doing? Let's just wipe thatoff that never happened.

And continue to draw on alittle cat eye kind of shape with some eye shadow and putting some on the innercorner of the eye lid as well.

And just blend and smudgethat all out around the crease and just everywhere, yay! Next put some black eyelinerall over the upper lash line, then the lower lash line, and then off camera withthe mirror I used a felt tip eye liner to draw insome cat eye eyeliner, including a littleangled-point on the inner corner of the eye.

Next since I'm not using anyfalse lashes I'm just gonna put on some mascara primerto lengthen my lashes, followed by some regular blackmascara on my upper lashes and my lower lashes.

Next to sculpt the face with some bronzer.

First we're gonna outlinethe nose to slim it down a bit to ridiculous video game standards and blend it out with a finger.

Then using some concealer we'regonna cover up the shadows outside of the bronzer.

Then we're gonna use theconcealer to draw in a little highlight down the center of the nose, look like a crazy person, and then blend it out with your finger.

Then we're gonna use somebronzer to heavily carve out the sides of our face and our temples.

Then just blend it out witha fluffy brush until it looks almost natural but not quite because it looks based on yourvideo game character.

Then we're gonna highlight thosecheekbones using concealer, blend it out, and grab thatlip liner again cause now we're gonna use it on ourlips.

Yay multipurpose! You can definitely go for amore extreme red look with this if you wanted but I figured since the eyes and the scar are so intensethat I'd beat this lips pretty natural.

Now that's it for the makeup look.

Now let's move on to all of the fake hair.

VP Fashion was kind enoughto send me some extensions for this look.

The ones I'm using wereoriginally white blonde, 24 inches, and 260 grams.

And they're pretty easy to dye.

I just lay each one down on a garbage bag and painted them downwith some Manic Panic.

Make sure to like sift through the hairs and try to find all the blonde spots and paint them and then flip it over and paint the other side and weave through and try to find all the blonde pieces and paint them down.

Then after a couple ofhours I just rinsed them out and let them air dry and they were done.

Unfortunately it's reallyhard to get these to the exact same color as my hair becausemy hair is originally brown and these are white blonde, so I have to use totallydifferent methods of hair dying to try to find the samecolor and it's tough.

But I think I got pretty close.

I'm gonna keep working on it.

After they are done drying, I just hung them up andstraightened them out with a flat iron on low heat.

Next you're gonna want a teasing comb to put in these extensions.

I'm gonna section off my hairwith a comb from the ears up, and then clip it up.

Woah! Then I'm just gonna teasethe base of that hair near the section and clipin my first three-clip extension on to the, thatlittle section of the hair that is teased.

I don't know the properterms for this stuff guys.

Section off a higher piece ofyour hair near your temples and do the same thing.

And I'm gonna clip in my secondthree-clip piece on one side and I'm gonna clip in a four-clippiece on the other side.

These two pieces together wraparound my head pretty well.

Next section I'm gonnaadd my other four-clip piece on one side.

I'm gonna fill up the otherside with a bunch of one-piece clips cause that's just what I have.

And ta-da! I haveunnaturally long hair, yay! Now you can throw on that leather costume and practice some fancysword play as Katarina.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

At least got a little bit ofinspiration for Halloween, maybe if you're strugglingwith some ideas.

Get creative with some scarring, and remember not to putthe collodion any closer to your eyeball then I did.

If you try out any of this look, please tweet me picturesor tag me on Instagram.

I'd love to see them.

And if you like this video,please click thumbs-up.

Especially if you want anymore "League of Legends" tutorials because I'dlove to do Jinx one day.

And leave a comment tellingme what you're going to be for Halloween because Ipersonally still don't know, and I'll see you next weekwith a brand new video.


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