Kat Von D Pastel Goth and Alchemist Palette Makeup Tutorial

Kat Von D Pastel Goth and Alchemist Palette Makeup Tutorial

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Today I'm going to be bringing you a tutorialfeaturing the Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette, and the Alchemist palette.

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Apply Skull to the brow bone and hood of theeye with the Real Techniques base brush.

The next thing I do is apply the Nexcare medicaltape.

I put it on the back of my hand first to makesure it takes off a little bit of the stickyness so it doesn't pull at my skin quite so much.

Then I kind of line it up with where I thinkthe shadow is going to be most flattering with my hooded eyes.

This is basically how I do winged liner, orwinged shadow liner on my eyes on my own.

I'm going to start working this at the outercorner of the eye.

I'm putting my brush where I want the mostconcentrated color to be, and I'm going to basically build it up into my crease shade.

I'm only going to go about halfway, becauselater I'm going to want to blend that with white to make a softer grey color.

I'm also going to bring this below my eyes.

When you have hooded eyes, make sure thatwhen you're looking into the mirror for your crease color, make sure that you can see yourcrease color when you're eyes are open.

Because, for me, if I don't my hood will eatthe color.

So basically I'm looking into the mirror andtrying to make sure that this grey is going to be visible when my eyes are open.

Now I'm gong to mix Dagger and Skull togetherto make a lighter grey.

I'm using this at the inner part of my hood,or my crease.

I'm using the Urban Decay Moondust brush withMeow at the inner lid.

Dope goes on from the middle lid towards theouter lid.

I'm going to use the Iconic eyeshadow brushto blend I'm going to use Amethyst from the Alchemistpalette.

I'm just taking Alchemist on the Urban DecayIconic eyeshadow brush and patting it on top of the lid.

Use the matte black Shax.

I either press it on and slightly drag, ordot it on at the upper lash line.

Whatever you're more comfortable with.

I'm going to do this from about halfway inat the lower lash line too.

Now, here's really where the tape is helpful.

Filling in with the black shadow right againstthis line of tape, and start sort of blending.

I'm going to pat a little bit of black Shaxwith this brush at the outer part of the lid and the crease to like right here.

So you can see where it's kind of unblendedand I patted it there for darkness.

Now I'm going to go back to blending.

I'm kind of blending in like a rainbow shapearound my eye to avoid the lid.

I'm going to curl my lashes and add mascara.

I'm using Sigma Unclouded on my lower waterline.

Now that I have Sigma Unclouded on my lowerwaterline, I'm going to set it with Skull.

Okay, so my eyes are almost done.

I'm going to do the rest of my make-up.

This is how I do my make-up.

I like to do my eyes first, and then do therest of it.

Let me zoom in so you can see the finishedeye look.

Hopefully you can see the pretty duo-chromeynature of Amethyst from the Alchemist palette, and the pretty, pretty pastel Goth shades.

My full face look.

I'm sorry.

I'm not going to make love to the camera.

It's just not going to happen.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial featuringthe Kat Von D pastel Goth palette, and the Alchemist palette.

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