Josh Duggar Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Josh Duggar Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone, I'm sure by now most of youhave heard about Josh Duggar.

Josh is one of the Duggarchildren on the TLC show, "19 Kids and Counting," He's currently in his late 20's.

He just confessed to assaulting at least five underage girls.

Four of which, were his own sisters.

We don't know which sisters were involved, but all of the sistersin the house at the time, were under the age of 12.

So today, I thought I would present to you a Josh Duggar themed make up tutorial.

First step as always is foundation A lot of people use this product everyday and it's super importantto their regiment, it's like fundamental to their regiment.

And they use itreligiously, it's like this fundamentalist religionthat they take part in.

It's really really heavy.

But for this particular tutorial, It's actually exactly what we need.

Some religious fundamentalismjust applied like cake icing.

Today's primer color is incestuousunderage sexual assault.

Whoo! Cutting right to the chase today.

I know I look super ugly like this, but don't worry, we'regonna cover it up later.

I'm actually gonna skip to blush today before I do my eyes.

Today's color is ATI.

It's actually named aftera homeschooling system used by a lot of Christianfundamentalist families, including the Duggars.

Instead of learning differentsubjects independently, like English, and ethics, andlike not assaulting people.

You learn everything you needto know from the Bible itself.

ATI talks about lotsof important subjects, for critical thinking, theysay that the Socratic method is the result of a sodomite way of living.

Under science, ATI teachesthat animal traps are actually a life-metaphorfor lust, very scientific.

Where was Bill Nye the science guy on the animals traps lust metaphor? Like I never learned that.

Or a health lesson, where you learn that getting raped is actuallythe victim's fault because they have suchtempting shoulders and ankles.

All these are real lessons that you can learn in the ATI program.

You know, just like regular school.

Okay we're going back to eyes now.

Oh, it held up so well, thisincestuous underage eye primer sticks around for yearsafter it's applied.

Color number one is darkpurple called cover up.

It's a little bit hard toget out of the container, so I would recommend asking for help.

From your family, or the police, or even a national televisionnetwork that you happen to have a show on.

You know, someone likethat can just help you like get the cover up over the primer.

And I mean, what areyou covering up really? There just girls.

It's not like you'rehindering their ability to do what they wereput on this earth to do.

Have babies and serve theirhusbands without question.

Color number two iscalled boys will be boys.

And this color is a greatreminder that boys are just fleshy Pinocchios controlled by their Stromboli penises you know.

And the song goes like, ♫ Igot some strings, to hold me up ♫Above all girls, just like God said.

Been a while since I've seen Pinocchio, but I think that's how the song goes.

I'm gonna use a bit ofa illuminator today, I'm out of my favorite brand,the statute of limitations.

Which sucks because it makes for like an awesome illuminator.

You know what I mean? It's like hey check out this thing I did, oh wait now I just with what I did while I'm completely unhindered by my past horrific fuckery.

(laughs) Great for me.

Usually a little bit of expired statute actually does add a lot better,but this will work for now.

As always, we end on lipsand today's lip color is safe, healthy childhood.

Which should be really easy to find, because everyone is entitled to one.

Sexual assault is neverthe victim's fault.

Especially when the victimsare underage prepubescent girls trapped in a fundamentalistcult with their abuser before, during, and aftertheir assault happened.

Oh you know what, I justrealized I forgot eyeliner.

That's crazy, I never forget eyeliner.

Sorry I just threw some on really fast, this color is cancelnight and kids accounting and you can find it at anyethical make up store, ever.

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