JOLSE Midnight blue Makeup Tutorial with Heiley

JOLSE Midnight blue Makeup Tutorial with Heiley

Hello! I am Heiley.

Today, I will teach you 'midnight blue makeup'.

With 3 colors and point on lips, I will do gorgeous and harmonious makeup.

With dominant color of navy and white pearl, and burgundy color not excessive for lips, I will do antique yet elegance makeup.

Let's begin.

First, apply sun block for UV rays block.

It's LANEIGE Sun Block Supreme this time.

It has strong SPF and is waterproof.

Let's apply this one first.

Next, apply CC Cream for even skin tone.

I am using ARITAUM Oil Serum CC Cream this time.

This one also has sun block effect.

I'll apply with puff.

CC cream has weak cover.

If you need more cover, I recommend you liquid concealer.

One I am using this time is NATURE REPUBLIC Botanical Concealer #23 natural beige.

I'll apply this color with puff.

This one is what I am using.

Has great cover, and presents natural cover since it is liquid type.

After covering with this concealer, if you layer one more time with CC cream, more natural skin can be presented.

Next, let's apply powder.

I am using TONYMOLY Face Mix Finish Loose Powder This #21 Mix natural color.

Do not apply too much.

apply a bit like you put some on your face.

First, take some powder with brush and move it onto the puff.

Then put the powder on oily parts with puff.

When you are taking powder, pull the puff little bit and shake up and down.

Then the powder comes off like this.

Contouring next.

This time I'll use ETUDE HOUSE Color Corset #5 tight shading corset color.

It's this color.

Apply light shading like this.

I'll contour again at the last step of makeup.

Nextly, eyebrow.

Product I'll use for brow is ETUDE HOUSE Perfect Brow Kit.

It has 3 colors inside.

One color is for highlighting brow bone.

Rest colors are for making natural eyebrow by contouring eyebrows.

Since I have light hair color, I'll use this color in the middle.

When you are done drawing eyebrow, Let's give eyebrow some natural color.

This time I'm using Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 1s.

Finish Brow Color #2 light brown.

This one.

Apply carefully according to texture, and make natural brow color.

Next, I'll give contours on eye rim and the bridge of nose.

ETUDE HOUSE Face Color Corset I used before.

I'll contour eye rim and the bridge of nose using this color.

Following contours I just did, Let's do more contours on eyes with ARITAUM MONO EYES #61 earth color.

It's this color.

This time, I'll color shadow.

First I'll explain the order of shadow.

Planning to use 3colors.

I am using #11 Beige Beige, #53 Dirty Jeans, and #76 Last Pick.

Apply base color with Beige Beige like this.

and use Dirty Jeans color as main color.

Point with Last Pick color.

Let's begin.

TONYMOLY Double Needs Pang Pang Waterproof Mascara 10.

5g TONYMOLY Back Gel Eyeliner 4g TONYMOLY Double Needs Pang Pang Waterproof Mascara 10.

5g ARITAUM THE PROFESSIONAL EYELASH #8 Deep Brown Finished eye makeup~! Used base, main, point color to complete eye makeup.

Used ETUDE 101 Pencil #35 color to draw underline.

Made navy look conspicuous.

Now let's get to the cheek.

As I used base with lots of pearl touch.

I used powder with pearl.

So I am going to use Holika Holika Love Fantasy Choco to decorate cheek with pearl.

This one also, do not rub, tap.

For cheek, if you look like this, apply this much from front.

If you are done tapping, sweep lightly like this.

Same on the other side.

I'll do contour that connects cheek using ETUDE HOUSE Face Color Corset #5.

Let's color to connect with cheek you just did.

Sweep this part lightly.

If you want to look slimmer, sweep this part more.

To make V-line on jaws like this, let's shade this part a bit more.

Lastly, let's do lips.

Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #9.

The color looks like this.

Let's apply on lips.

and let's apply MISSHA The Style Glow Tint Lip Balm Scarlet Coral Color on top of lipstick.

Just apply on the lips where lipstick is applied.

Again, Do not rub, Tap like me.

Color looks like this.

Color is not deep so you don't have to worry.

Let's apply.

We finished midnight blue makeup.

I'll comeback with better makeup next time.

I am Heiley.

See you soon.

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