Japanese TREND 2016 MAKEUP TUTORIAL by kawaii gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki

Japanese TREND 2016 MAKEUP TUTORIAL by kawaii gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki

And you draw it droooopy, droopy? Big and clear! Big eyes are cuter.

Hello I am Marin Matsuzaki.

I am generally working at Shibuya's "109" fashion store and I appear as model in fashion magazines.

Today I will show you a makeup style that I personally think may be popular in 2016.

Today is a "two-color makeup.

I picked pink, I also added purple and some sparkles.

Pink is the focus of my makeup today.

Check it out.

This time I wanted to make it something to go on festivals.

My hair is normally really short.

I wanted to make it look more fluffy.

I used a wig for that effect.

What will come into fashion soon is the old-school style I think.

It will include some popular old-school elements from the 80s.

That's why I picked a wig to go with that theme.

In order to make the pink stand out more, I wanted to brighten my face.

On the duller areas of the face, for example underneath the eyes, and on all the other areas that will make the face look brighter, I applied concealer thus had it functioning as highlight as well.

This one here covers really well.

I added it on top of the concealer.

A powdery white, since I want to make my face brighter.

Using a tone that is brighter than your natural skin tone and applying it.

If you add pink blush first, the eye makeup will be easier to create later on.

That's why I first applied my blush, moving outwards in a line.

And I dabbed a little bit that was left over on my nose.

This time, pink is the most important.

I use this product a lot in the other videos: if you apply this one, you really get the color of the eye shadow the way it's meant to be.

I applied this base primer on my whole lid.

I applied in on my lid and under and all around.

On top of that I applied a cream shadow in pink with glitter.

I applied it on all the areas that I wanted to have a vibrant pink.

Normally you can draw the eyebrows after the eyes are done, however this time I wanted to be able to check the overall balance so I drew my eyebrows after having laid the base foundation for the eyes.

When you create the brows, don't make them look too strict.

Draw them thicker and horizontally.

and then let them dip down at the end.

And you draw it like "funya".

not like funya.

Let them droop downwards on the outer side.

Create a soft appearance.

If you only apply them, they will stand out too much, so create a nose shadow straight afterwards.

This time my hair is really bright as well.

That's why I will also make my brows brighter.

I mixed eyebrow mascara into it.

Instead of applying it in one direction, make the hair stand up that will make them appear even fluffier.

From here work on creating a blended pink gradation.

First apply this soft pink here.

Then add some stronger pink at the outer corners.

Check the balance and add some underneath the lid.

If you just have two pink shades, you won't get much variation.

So add some purple to make the whole look a bit more three dimensional.

Pink makes the eyes look puffy and swollen, so.

If you do the whole lid and underneath, your eyes will really pop out.

Instead, don't add anything onto the middle, maybe just a white as if it was a highlight.

That will look better.

Be careful not to put too much pink there.

Instead of a highlight, you can use this almost white eyeshadow.

Use it underneath and in areas like these.

Add it to all places that you want to look brighter, as if light is reflected there.

Then check the overall balance and see where there is not enough pink or purple.

I am sure you will get areas like that.

So look out for those.

Areas like these here, or the corners here.

Add the pink little by little.

You will get a line between your eyebrows and your lids.

Take a creamy silvery white shadow onto your fingers and add it there.

Also in areas like these.

Dab it on.

After you decided where you would like the colors of the eyeshadow to sit, add this product on top.

It'a a very sparkly highlighter.

Add it to all areas that you would like to highlight little by little.

This is a pink that is really close to red.

Add it right here on the outer line of your eyes.

add it to all areas you would like to emphasize.

I believe the pink was overall very strong.

This eye shadow cream has a really vibrant purple color.

I created an eyeline with it on my outer corner.

If you just draw it in black, it would get too dark.

So add some purple first and make it stand out.

This one here is a really cheap, low-price glitter that you can get.

Add some onto your hands and dap it onto the areas you would like to glitter.

I wanted the area around my eyes here to glitter, that's why I did that.

I'd recommend one with big glitter.

If it is too small, it will look just the same as the eyeshadow.

Pick one with bigger glitter parts.

If you open up your face with large lashes, it will look cute.

I am wearing permanent lash extensions right now.

I curled them slightly.

If you want to use fake lashes, curl them first, then attach them.

Be sure to curl as much as possible.

This one here gives you a lot of volume too.

Add it onto the top and bottom lashes to get some more volume.

Everything is so glittery now.

If you feel like you would like to have more glitter If you add white on top of pink then the pink will disappear and that's a shame.

So add some pink with glitter on top.

Once you think it is basically done, then add a little bit of this underneath the purple line that you drew earlier.

If you don't use black, it won't really come together that well.

I usually draw a wing right here.

This time I want to look softer so I let it come down a little here.

Mascara and glitter are combined in this product.

Using this I add glitter to my lashes and my eyebrows.

Also, opening the eye, check where your lid crease sits and use the liner part of it to make it more sparkly.

It will look pretty.

It's just a hint but it will look nice.

This time festival was the theme of the makeup.

I felt like just my lid wasn't enough.

I picked things from the 100 yen shop And created glitter as if they were freckles.

You don't have to copy that.

You can add them here or there as well.

Create your own free design.

Try out some things you would not usually do.

I used two colors for my lips today.

Thinking about what makeup and items might be popular in 2016 I thought.

check out my necklace here.

That's actually my lipstick.

It will look good as accessory.

You don't just have to use it on your neck, you can add it to your bag or similar.

I think this could become a trend.

It would be cute if it would.

If you use three of them, that would be cute too.

Be sure to check them out.

The second one I am using has a really vibrant color.

The base has a really strong pink shade.

Add it and then the other colors will shine out better too.

You will also get a lot more depth.

Lips with strange colors look cute.

Today I used pink as a theme for my makeup and clothes.

You can also pick blue green or yellow.

Your favourite colors Today's make up is more for festivals or events than for your daily routine You can coordinate with friends in different colors in blue or pink,etc.

It may be fun if each would choose different colors.

This makeup came out like this, but I actually have done many other makeups.

So be sure to check them out.

On Instagram I share things about the brand I work for and their clothes be sure to check that out too.

Bye bye.

Source: Youtube