Japanese Neo Street Fashion DAILY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by SHOUSHI

Japanese Neo Street Fashion DAILY MAKEUP TUTORIAL by SHOUSHI

Today's coordinate theme is "MILDLY" I have been insprired by the rapper Brooke Candy and Rhianna.

Walking around like this in public was embarassing at first.

I didn't feel at ease, but the person who helped me overcome those feelings was Lady Gaga.

She inspired me to wear the things I love and to keep developing my style.

I try to incorporate items that are usually not associated with street fashion.

New unknown brands, wearing items that nobody would think of wearing, bringing those into street fashion creates a certain uniqueness and thus impact the memories of people.

That is what I call Neo Street Fashion.

I change my makeup style quite frequently.

This long line here, on the inside and outside, and the color of my lashes stay consistent.

When changing my makeup style I tend to add parts to this style.

I basically wear a different makeup style every day.

But this is my base.

I use this CC cream to make my skin as pale as possible.

This face powder gives a glossy finish and a great coverage.

It also stays on for a long time.

I have been using the Bling Bling Eye Stick from Etude house since high school.

Adding it under the eyes makes them look a lot bigger.

It makes you look like you have large tear bags.

When emphasizing tear bags, eyes can look 1.

5cm larger.

That is why I draw them extra large, in order to make my eyes look even bigger.

The lowest color from this palette works the best together with the stick I used earlier.

So using both of these products together, gives the best tear bag result.

I use these two eyeliners.

I use this to create the rough outline of a lid crease.

And I use the thinner one for finer parts and to fix up other areas.

I also use for the rim near my lashes.

Not sure if you can see that.

I use the black shade from this eye shadow palette.

Adding this on top of the eyeliner gives great overall coverage.

and keeps the makeup on.

To create a lid crease, I use this liner to draw a line.

I tried a lot of things, but this color looks the most like an authentic lid crease.

I want a clearly defined lid crease that still looks rather natural, that is why I use brown.

If you use black, it will look rather unnatural and people will see right away that you drew a line.

Brown can still look somewhat natural from a distance.

Normally people would draw their eyebrows now.

But I won't do that for the one reason that eyebrows don't suit me.

With powder and CC cream I am completely erasing my eyebrows.

This is the white mascara that I always use.

I used to admire albinos for their white complexion and hair.

That's why I turned to white.

That sentence doesn't make sense.

I use this eyeliner to draw art to my face.

Today I drew dots on both side of my nose.

I actually used to have piercings here.

and my nose looked really defined then.

When drawing two dots there now, my nose looks clearly defined.

I generally add more details to my face too.

Toda's makeup style is actually quite restrained.

This is my favorite lip balm.

I got this one from a fan.

It really puffs up the lips and moisturizes them well.

This is black lipcream.

It has a really dark black color, I use it a lot.

I actually wanted to make them cyan today, but I could only find black.

So today it's this.

That's embarrassing.

I always lose things.

These colored contacts here are.


My sentence structure is funny.

I admire albinos, that is why I chose a light color with a smaller diameter.

The inside of this coordinate is quite a mix of things.

But wearing a white coat overneath gives the chaos structure.

It's not just an ordinary coat, it has writing on the back.

There are many colors and patterns on this style.

Within those red stands out the most.

I therefore chose a red beret to go with it.

I matched my shoes with the coat, and choose white ones.

I am quite small, that is why I need to wear platform shoes otherwise it won't work with my style.

And my idol Lady Gaga said that She would rather die than let her fans see her without high heels.

Those words really left an impression on me, that is why I only wear platforms.

Right now I am wearing this style but During middle school I was into the Mori and Ouji Boy style for a long time.

In high school I was into MODE, so only wore black all over.

I started wearing this style during my second year of high school.

I bought clothes little by little, slowly building my style.

Now I think I finally am close to the style I want to create.

Today I showed you my daily makeup.

But I will show you more makeup styles in the future.

This face powder is.

One more time.

I borrowed this from someone last year and forgot to give it back If I think about it, I have a lot of things I forgot to return.

Oh dear.

If I draw eyebrows I look like a country potato.

I look really lame, I don't suit eyebrows.

Ah I got that wrong.

One more time.

I showed you how I do my daily makeup style today.


Daily makeup.

One more time please.

Today I showed you how I do my daily makwearadf Wait! I lost the ability to speak Japanese.

I am not nervous.

I am totally fine.

Ok, got it now!.

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