Japanese Eye Shadow & Highlighters Makeup products unboxing|Kawaiiアイシャドウとハイライト化粧品コスメ紹介

Japanese Eye Shadow & Highlighters Makeup products unboxing|Kawaiiアイシャドウとハイライト化粧品コスメ紹介

Hello, this is Kawaii Pateen.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to eye shadow and highlighter that has been used in our channel.

So, go! Here is the Four color lame shadow of Cezanne.

This product! Lame is not just! Firmament's Red Forest is not only eye shadow the item! Even as the nose shadow! And we also use it as a highlighter.

Cezanne is the eye shadow.

Let's use the most frequently used brown color.

It is such a thin shadow.

In addition, because it is the shadow of a sense of stability in a very soft, I want you! On the face we want to show! You can finished.

Here is the eye shadow of majolica Mallorca Misako Aoki is using in our channel.

That the package is cute, of course! The color will be very good commodity.

Majolica Majorca is a cute package, is a glossy color features.

With the green, let's try.

Color is very good.

If you want to put a little bit of gloss, you can also wear thin.

It has been very shiny.

Scan makeup is the most commonly used brand among the Harajuku fashion model and fashion star.

It really cheap,'s a cute design! I In our channel commodity becomes Minakata Yui's is using.

Scan makeup of the product, a description of how to use this as the color has been written on the package.

For example, topping Jewel, natural style, liner, bright style for, has been written for the Natural Bays.

So, or use remains description look at this description, or you can use the way you want to do is their own! Let's use the pink.

Wow! In very cute, bright pink really good.

Other color is a glossy, matte color.

If no teak products, it can also be used instead of teak.

Recently in vogue in Japan, but is to put the cheek under the eyes, Eye shadow and blush! Immersed in both, is a make-up in vogue recently is to open the space between them.

This is a more elegant product, is Kate's eye shadow palette.

In commodity Kamada Lisa An is using in our channel, we use a variety of color eye shadow palette.

Cool and elegant design.

There is also a color glossy.

Click here for Kate of eye shadow, highlight color and the dark color! And, it contains three color glossy.

For example, I put the highlight doing this, then or also put their own likes color, you can mix.

Here, three of the color is a shiny, is the other matte color.

This is a commodity that you can buy even in foreign countries.

Here, Barry M Dazzle Dust in very vivid color, now, is a commodity that I'm actually using.

It is really good goods as a highlighter.

Also, choose a favorite color, you will pretty Once you fit the clothes of the style of the day.

In my Featured Products, and the color of the pearl.

It is very luster comes out and paint all the way to one place.

If the paint on the whole it will be normal highlighter effect.

It can also be used as a highlighter, is a commodity that can also be used as an eye shadow shiny.

Do you see the shiny? Here is the LA Colors eye shadow palette.

Sky's and many Harajuku model's Red Forest is the commodity you are using.

Very bright, color development products at good, is a commodity that can be long-lasting and paint.

In perfect for Harajuku fashion style, it contains 16 kinds of color nice color.

It suits also Decora fashion, can I use even when wearing enough of the strong color of clothes to surprise people.

Strong colors are various kinds of pink and gloss! Contains etc.

all so not strong color.

Let's try one.

It uses a thin green.

and pink.

Now very interesting color match! Do you want to use the more crazy colors ~ ~ Trying to use this! ! ! It is a crazy color ~ When you want to add color to the eyebrows, with this product, and you can match the eye shadow and color.

For example, when wearing a wig of the blue, and you can match with the blue eye shadow.

Finally, it is the highlighter.

In Cezanne of highlighter, it will contain a small brush easy to paint products into.

In addition, here is a high-writer of majolica Mallorca, is a product that can also be used as an eye shadow everyday.

If you use around the eye line, eye looks cute when you open your eyes.

Let's use the goods of majolica Mallorca.

In this way, there is a very glossy.

Apply to the location to which you want to add a highlight.

For example, it is around the eyes.

Highlighter of Suzanne also let's put.

In this way, it is white.

More, might be better to put.

Here, the gloss is not out.

Hey, it became like a white-painted, is a very good commodity.

And when to finish the make-up, it is good to apply to the location where you want to show as dull.

How to paint the eye shadow is there are a lot.

Please, look for the use of eye shadow to suit you! Also! Since there is also other videos to introduce products that are used in our channel, Please check it.

With us to see, thank you or you ~! Survivability ~ Lee ~ Four the.

reached! ! I'm sorry w Here is the LA Colors eye shadow palette.

Oh do not open ~ ~ Products.

eye of Majolica Majorca! Aye Islay.

& #! I'm sorry.

Something today, Do not be nervous – Finally highlight.


! Finally.

the top This is, in a commodity to buy even in foreign countries.


Dazzle Dust.

Here! It is a commodity that.

Barry M Dazzle Dust can buy goods overseas.

In here, select.


I'm sorry w.

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