JANUARY FAVOURITES (Fashion, Beauteque beauty & Home)

JANUARY FAVOURITES (Fashion, Beauteque beauty & Home)

Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s this face again.

Hope you’re not sick of it yet.

It’s the end of January, so let’s jump right into my January favourites.

I’ve been loving these Dr Jart masks recently.

Their packaging have always caught my eye.

I like the Vital Hydra Solution mask for hydration and the Brightening Solution mask for post acne scars.

They’re so convenient to use.

I just leave them on for 20 mins, remove and tap the remaining serum in.

I especially like the hydrating one and I’m definitely going to bring this for my next long flight.

My next favourite is this cream liner from Etude House.

I got this because I wanted a dark brown cream liner.

I prefer brown liners for natural looks.

I used to be all bout that hard black wing look but now I'm veering towards softer looks because I think it suits my face more.

So what’s great about this is not only is the formula really creamy, but the brush that comes with it is actually really good.

It’s the perfect brush for soft and faded out lines.

And if you turn it perpendicular to your line it's easy to smudge it out too.

Definitely recommending this to all of you who like that natural look.

My next favourite is a fashion item.

It’s this distressed denim jacket from Topman.

I do like to shop around men’s section for jackets and sweaters and wear them oversized.

This is so wonderfully distressed.

From the collar to the sleeves.

I even have my favourite hole right here.

This rip right at the shoulder – which I think is quite a unique placement.

It looks pretty customised even though it’s from Topman.

I might do a lookbook or how-to-style-with using this.

We will see.

I finally got my first big girl plant for my place.

You probably noticed it already, it’s right behind me.

This is the Monstera Deliciosa otherwise known as the Swiss Cheese Plant or Hurricane Plant.

I really wanted to spruce my place up with some tropical plants.

I’ve been looking at some Palms too.

But I decided to go for this instead because I think it’s more unique looking.

And apparently it's quite easy to maintain so here’s hoping it won’t die on me anytime soon.

I’m going to end my round of favourites with my most favourite of all this month.

A picture of Rami Malek’s overwhelmed face at an autograph signing.


That’s all of my January favourites.

I hope 2017 has been good to you so far.

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