Husband does voiceover – Party Eyeliner Tutorial☆夫にアフレコさせてみた(日本語字幕)

Husband does voiceover – Party Eyeliner Tutorial☆夫にアフレコさせてみた(日本語字幕)

(High-pitched voice) Hello, everyone! Today be special edition video De of ChewyMakeup ☆ I will try to give me a whopping described chestnut Pico today.

In please! (Normal voice) um, Yui? (High-pitched voice) What? ? (Normal voice) What's this, Jan Nivea "Men"! (High-pitched voice) Oh, Well.

because the time not being described, Good luck! see you! (Normal voice) do not see any of my aftershave lotion whether it was because of Yui.

This is of Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original).

It not a guy that was newly launched.

I because the new one is unpopular.

This is a fool the price high cosmetics just say chocolate flavored.

Is it I see had divided the top right corner of the mirror.

We will put the color of brown on top of the eye.

Hey it adds.

And use even dark brown.

This is also put on top of the eye.

Color to use for today is over.

Only do not use only two colors in which some 20 colors.

It does not a make only the right half of the face today.

This is PHYSICIANS FORMULA Eye Booster Liquid Eyeliner.

It is cosmetics, such as those developed by the doctor (Physician).

I'm sure Will expensive.

I There is misleading is because "Liquid".

This cosmetics is really a powder rather than liquid.

How will the liquid by mixing with the tears that came out poked it in the eye.

It will be a smooth liquid shape by doing so.

It will help the coloring of technology that did childhood.

"Let's paint so does not protrude from the line.

" To begin with there is the Toka determined I dubbing? Music Toka Are Shall I put? It's good? It's good? It was too loud? I'm sorry.

Kana say if this much? Oh, it was a mistake.

It seems like not just half right today.

We will correct it.

Well, you still do it? Now because of prudent has been found.

I was able at last.

Dry the tears ye gazing up.

Next is LA (La) Splash of.

(high-pitched voice) LA (Erue) is Splash! El er splash of liquid eyeliner, which I'm sorry "Pink Sparkles".

I'm using liquid eyeliner me now a little while ago? ! It's done already? Meaning there's this? Hey, I would not do endlessly like a little while ago? hurry, hurry! Alright! Do you end dry? The do why one more time! ? that's enough! Let's go to the next step! OK! Ha ha? ! Perversion (transformation) mascara? ! What a transformation! Slut Me, I'm rubbing it! Each Wow Kimoi! ! In the next step.

Next is ceria of MON SECRET false eyelashes.

Today, with this with a pair of tweezers.

This is not a torture instrument (Buehler).

False eyelashes in this.

OK! What's? ! Also put on mascara to wearing false eyelashes? ? ! I do not know the meaning to put a mascara to false eyelashes! ! And also with another mascara.

It is another ultra-meaning unknown.

The following MAKE UP FOREVER Ultra HD Foundation of "117" color.

It becomes more beautiful personality is Hikitatemasu by being classified as a color that 117 number.

Looping it doing this.

Toss in.





Next is Australis and MAC concealer.

Please listen to the guitar solo part because not be specifically described.

Concealer Place the PALLADIO of Rice (rice) powder When you are.

It is like this in part under the eyes.

Interestingly Japanese astronaut has been the staple food of this powder in the universe.

This NYX Microbrow Pencil.

The color is "Ash Brown" This is I guess a pencil for a minimum eyebrows enough and invisible without a microscope.

I because the name is the micro because.

In this way so as to add to draw the one single hair Exactly what we are drawn to look like the real thing.

Huh? ! what? This brush is what? ? ! This is Thats was not in the original description! How are you doing now? ! ! ? ! ? ? ! This is AUSTRALIS AC on Tour Conouring Kit.

Using the individual brown Does not have enough size of the powder to the brush will turn a blind eye.

Then you put pink color to the forehead.

Today's technical point is the "Contour ring".

This is a tech to show by using the color of the shadow so different is made of face Or you can show to the sharp cheekbones and chin.

This is all the knowledge of the make-up you have of me, it is a complete 100 percent.

It ends out soon.

This is Baked Blush color of HARD CANDY is "Pin Up".

Turn toward the outside of the face.

It is very contained in the nose and not a.

Finally REVLON Lip Butter color "Candy Apple" Put this in the finger, but because I do not want to give directly to their mouth because using human reason is you do not know anyone.

that's all.

This is the complete form! Did you enjoy? You do not forget Likes channel registration and comment! I try to check the band that music is like Once Seventh Wonder.

Well, it is the next video!.

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