How to Remove Excess Eye Shadow | Makeup Tutorials

How to Remove Excess Eye Shadow | Makeup Tutorials

"Hi I'm Patricia Longo and I'm a celebretymake-up artist.

I've worked with models from sports illustrated, Brooklyn Decker, JulieHenderson, to Alec Baldwin from thirty rock.

All those things that experts do that theaverage person doesn't know how to do We will learn how to do it on these videos.

Now we all know the mistakes we make with eye shadow.

Sometimes when we put the eyeshadow on it falls on the face, of course right now its not falling on you face butlets make it fall on your face so I'm going to purposely make it fall on her face so youcan see I messed up her eye shadow.

Uhhh ohhhh.

There is the eye shadow what am I going todo now? The biggest mistake people do is they take a sponge and they all of a sudden startsmudging it.

Its the worse thing you can do because then its a big black eye.

The wayI clean off eye shadow I wrap a cleansing towelet around my finger and what I do isI just go like this lightly.

So after I've used a cleansing towelet I take a tissue adry tissue and I wrap it also around my finger.

Its the best way to clean up make-up fromunderneath the eye, and I just dab it lightly so it drys.

If I've taken any concealer offI just simply apply with my finger where ever I've taken make-up off I just reapply it lightlywith my finger.

So the best way to clean up eye shadow that ends up falling on your facethe excess eye shadow is using a cleansing towelette with your finger and taking it andwashing it off and putting a tissue and wrapping it around your finger and dabbing it lightlydry.

And then once you do that you can reapply the foundation or the concealer whatever youtook off you can reapply it.

I couldn't get the example to load and I've never done transcriptionI hope this was acceptable.

Video worked great.


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