How to Make Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm {Make It Handmade}

How to Make Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm {Make It Handmade}

Today we are making Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm.

We love the sweet pumpkin vanilla scent andthe creamy and smooth finished product.

Before we get started you may want to pausethe video here and print the written recipe and ingredient list from the website WholesaleSupplies Plus dot com com) Creating this product takes five simple steps:Prep.





Now let’s get started.

Prepare for the project.

Gather the ingredients and equipment.

Create a safe workspace that is clean andsecluded from children & pets.

We recommend wearing protective clothing suchas long sleeves, an apron, goggles, gloves, a mask and a hair net.

Begin making the bases.

In a small measuring cup, add one ounce ofCastor Oil, one ounce of Pumpkin Seed Oil and one ounce of Smooth and Creamy LotionBar Additive.

Heat in the microwave in thirty second incrementsuntil the wax has melted.

Next add two ounces of Macadamia Butter Blendand one-fourth ounce of Liquid Shea Butter.

Allow the hot oils and wax to melt the butters.

Next, incorporate the additives.

Add one and one-half milliliters of VitaminE, eight milliliters of Pumpkin Pie Flavor Oil and one teaspoon of sugar to the meltedoils and butters.

Mix well.

Finish by adding four micro scoops of AdobeOrange Mica Powder and one micro scoop of Turkish Mocha Brown Mica Powder, and mixingwell.

The product is ready for packaging.

Pour into lip tubes.

Once lip balm has hardened, snap on the tops.

Labels add a nice finishing touch, and keepyour product compliant with the Food and Drug Administration.

The label should include the product name,net weight size, directions for use, ingredients in descending order of predominance, companyname, and contact information.

Share your Pumpkin Pie Lip Balm with others.

It makes a wonderful addition to your fallproduct line, and complements your pumpkin inspired soaps.

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