How To apply sephora eye shadow

How To apply sephora eye shadow

This article was requested by an anonymous user on the wikihow community, and I thought I could spare them the wait! Applying Sephora eyeshadow is just like applying any other eyeshadow! Enjoy! Steps Take a very, very light, shimmery color, and apply it in the corners of your eyes.

It brightens them! Take a different, slightly darker color and apply it on the lid.

This also brightens your eyes! Take a different, dark color, and apply it from the top of your lid all the way up to the brow bone.

This will create an almost smoky eye effect.

Take a finisher and apply it everywhere.

This will create a more clean, much polished look.

If you would like to, apply eyeliner and mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.


Video How To Apply Sephora Eyeshados Tips Use colors that match! Do not use shades from different colors! Use one color, and different shades.

Have fun! It's perfectly easy! Warnings Don't overdo it! It will look really weird and it will be hard to get off! Related wikiHows How to Get Free Products at Sephora Stores How to Apply Eyeshadow How to Apply Eyeshadow That Lasts How to Apply Smoky Eyeshadow.

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