How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners : 5 Must See Eyeliner Tips

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners : 5 Must See Eyeliner Tips

Todays video is going to be on how to apply liquid eyeliner for beginners.

I got a request to do an eyeliner tutorialso I decided that I would just mesh it in since you guys seemed to love that concealervideo with special tips and tricks.

I decided to throw in some tips and tricksabout eyeliner in here to help you get that perfect wing and perfect eyeliner until youfeel super duper comfortable applying your eyeliner by yourself and feeling confident.


I am going to share with you five of the maintips that I know to get your eyeliner to be way easier to apply and more simple.

So ya.

Tip number 1: Shake your eyeliner.

If you don't shake that eyeliner it is goingto come out super streaky because it is water and oil based so it is kind of like.

Just shake it okay?! Shake that eyeliner up and it will be a lotmore of a smooth and less streaky application.

Tip number 2: Wipe off the excess of the brush.

When you pull it out you are going to havea lot of extra junk on the applicator so just go ahead and wipe that off.

That will help you have a lot less producton it so that when you put it on you won't have racoon eyes because you won't put ontoo much product.

Tip number 3: Start applying the eyelinerfrom the middle of the lid.

If you start from the inner corner you willhave too much on your brush and it will start.

just way too much and that is where you wantthe least amount of product so you are going to end up with way too much product on youreyes and it will be super hard to blend.

So you want to start from the middle of theeyelid and then start to blend it outwards and inwards.

The middle is where you want the most amountof product.

So you can't be too afraid to apply it straightto your lid.

Tip number four: If you are a beginner, theeasiest applicator to use is a felt tip.

So if you are just starting out, go aheadand get yourself a felt tip.

I am going to show you guys using this applicatortoday just because in my personal opinion this is the hardest one to apply.

I will show you using the hardest one so youcan see that it is not that hard to apply and then you can feel confident using eyeliner.

Tip number five: is that a lot of people areafraid to pull their lid because people tell you "it is going to cause wrinkles", "It isbad for you.

" That is true if you are pulling your lid andrubbing and tugging away at your lid the whole time.

If you are starting out and eyeliner is somewhatdifficult for you don't be afraid to pull your lid a little bit.

When you pull your lid just like that it makesa much flatter surface for you to be able to trace a line on your lash line.

It just makes it much more simple.

You are not pulling to hard and you are notpulling for too long so it is not going to cause instant wrinkles.

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I am going to show you now how I apply itand all of that fun stuff! I will see you guys in my next video.


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