How To apply lip makeup for fuller lips

How To apply lip makeup for fuller lips

Are you tired of having skinny lips and want to impress some boys you like? Well, with this tutorial, you will soon be puckering at every boy who gets your eye.

With this look, you will definitely look like a Latina.

Steps Lining the Lips Take a lip liner that is one or two shades darker that your original lip colour.

If your lips are naturally tinted, pick a lip liner of that colour, but darker.

Line your Cupid's Bow.

If you want to, you can shape your lips into any style you like, e.


sharp and pointy or smooth and sweet.

Line the bottom lip.

For an edge of sexiness, draw a small line from the centre of the bottom lip.

This will define your lips more, therefore making them look more plump.

For a bit more of a seductive definition, draw two small lines on the corners of your mouth and blend it out with your fingers.

This will create a more sensual look.

Don't make the lines too big, otherwise you will just look odd.

Filling the Lips Take a lip balm and apply all over the lip.

This will moisturise your lips and make them smoother and therefore, easier to apply the lipstick.

Choose the right lipstick.

Again, if your lips are naturally tinted, match the colour.

Make sure the lipstick is one shade lighter than the liner, but one shade darker than your natural lip colour.

Apply the lipstick.

Use the liner as a guide.

Don't go over the liner or you could lose your place of your lip shape.

Take a lip brush and gently blend the liner with the lipstick.

This will make the look seem more natural, without it looking to edgy and.



Shining the Lips.

Take a clear lipgloss and apply over the lipstick.

Doing this will make your lips look plumper, fuller and more sensuous looking.

Tips If you want to make the look appear more sexy, apply red lipstick.

Warnings If your lips are very skinny, don't attempt to make your lips look bigger.

It will look wrong and you should just go with their natural shape.

Source: Youtube