How to apply Lashes & Eye Liner

How to apply Lashes & Eye Liner

in this video i will teach you how to apply lashes & eye liner.

Start eyeliner from the center of the eyes Draw a neat & thin line be very precise.

Now apply liner on lower lash line cover the inner corner of the eye with liner Shape your EyeBrows according to your EyeBrows color.

Avoid making Harsh Lines refine edges & blend the color properly using eyebrows brush you can see difference now apply some glitter (optional) i am using thin lashes.

You can Use any Lashes according to the occasion.

make a thin line on the lashes with lashes Glue.

wait few seconds to settle down the Glue fix the glued lashes very close to your eye lashes so that they will give natural & beautiful long lash look.

align properly & neatly Apply Maskara /Mascara Final Look.

Source: Youtube