How to Apply Gold Eye Shadow | Makeup Tutorials

How to Apply Gold Eye Shadow | Makeup Tutorials

"Hi I'm Patricia Longo am I'm a celebritymakeup artist.

I've worked with models from Sports Illustrated like Brooklyn Decker andJulie Henderson to Alec Baldwin at 30 Rock.

All those things that experts do that theaverage person doesn't know how to do, will learn how to do it on these videos.

So, on the runway this season they're showing a lot of metallic eye shadow.

Um, for theholidays there was a lot of gold and silver, but now gold has been coming popular all throughoutthe year.

And for the summer they even show color.

Orange and green eye shadow, yes.

Orangeand green clothes with orange and green eye shadow believe it or not.

So I wanna showyou how you can combine the runway look with gold eye shadow with a little bit of colorin there.

I'm gonna do it on Sebella.

So I'm gonna start off with a loose eye shadowand it's sort of a gold coral color.

And what I do is I take the gold and I put it flatall on the eye, I put it everywhere, I go crazy with this.

It doesn't matter if youmess-up, you won't be able to mess-up with the gold eye shadow because once you put iton it just looks fabulous.

And if it falls on the face, like I said gold on the faceis working too.

So when you use the loose, I usually put it in the cap, pour a littlein the cap and then I dab the eye shadow brush in there.

And I put a little bit on my handso the rest falls off and then I, close the eye, I put it all on the eye.

And like I saidif it falls on the face, so what, gold is everywhere today, gold on the cheeks, goldon the eyes, gold on the lips.

There's the gold eye shadow all on the eye and I liketo bring it out as much as possible.

I even put a little gold underneath the eye, takea little bit and put it just underneath the eye.

And as I say, ""my sponge is my friend"".

And what I do is clean it up a little bit.

With a light color you can always use thesponge.

When I use a dark color and the dark eye shadow gets all over the face, that'swhen I go back to my finger with my little clean towelette.

But being that it's goldand I love gold everywhere, it's ok to blend it, blend it right in.

So now I grab some lovely orange loose eyeshadow and again, I pour some of it into the cap and I take my little contour and I daba little of that.

Now as you can see, look how much there, so what I do is I tap it alittle bit, but like I said, I also blend it, my hand is my palette as you saw as KimKardashian's makeup artist, he uses his hand for everything.

But I also use it becauseit really, really makes you blend easier and now I have just the right amount of eye shadowon here.

See all the rest? That would end up all over your face, if I didn't sit hereand dab it, dab it, dab it.

Close your eye.

And now we're gonna put some orange.

Now theone thing I love about color is, I'm actually gonna put color, not just in the crease, butI'm gonna go on her eyeball as well.

And usually what I do I I'll take the contour brush andI'll just keep going back and forth, back and forth in her crease, really get into hercrease.

And as I'm doing the crease, the rest of the brush is touching the eyeball, so I'mgetting in the crease, really getting it in there, back and forth, back and forth, youfeel it? Back and forth and then blend, blend, blend.

And then of course I go back to mytowelette and I wrap it around my finger, because see, the dark color is all over herface now? And I wipe it off; this is the best way to take off the rest of the shadow, toodark underneath the eye.

And you make sure you clean it off your hand, because if youdon't clean it off your hand, all that orange is gonna go all over your clothes.

Then Itake a tissue like I did once before and I dab and now we have colored eyes for the summer!".

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