How To apply gel eyeliner

How To apply gel eyeliner

Are you interested in trying gel eyeliner, but you're unsure how to apply it? Applying gel eyeliner is easy and the following instructions will help you to perfect it in no time.

Steps Selecting the Shade Pick the best shade of gel eyeliner for you.

As with most makeup, there are many different colors available for gel eyeliner.

Select a color that best suits your complexion and the clothes you'll be wearing.

For application, find an angled eyeliner brush.

This brush needs to have thin, fine, bristles–this makes for easy application.

Preparing the Brush Lightly dampen the brush.

This will ensure that the bristles stay aligned throughout the application.

Add the gel eyeliner to the brush.

When adding liner to the brush, fully coat the bristles, then wipe off any excess.

Applying the Gel Eyeliner Create a winged tip.

To create a wing tip, look at your lower lash line and imagine your eyelashes are extending up your eye.

Take your angled brush and tap lightly in that area.

Line your upper lash line.

Take your angled brush, starting from the corner of your eye, and then draw a line to the middle of your eye.

Draw a line from your winged tip, to the center of your eye.

The two lines should now be connected.

Avoid worrying about it if your line isn't perfect.

Now you can go back and fill in your line where you made mistakes.


Video Tips It takes time to get used to using gel eyeliner and it might take a few tries before you get it right every time.

Over time you will perfect the method.

Wash your brush in between applications to avoid contamination.

The brush doesn't necessarily need to be an angled brush.

You can also use a tiny paint brush, or anything else that is titled "Eyeliner Brush.

" Try all these and choose the one that best suits you and the one that you feel more comfortable using.

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