How to Apply False Eyelashes | COVERGIRL

How to Apply False Eyelashes | COVERGIRL

Hey, it's Giselle.

And today, I'm going to show youhow to apply false eyelashes.

Let's get started.

I think it's a lot easier to applyfalse lashes when you have eyeliner on.

So I'm going to go ahead and grabmy Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner and draw a line on both of my eyelids.

I recommend using a pencil over aliquid because it won't run as easily.

Now, let's get started with the lashes.

A general note– the shortestside goes on the inside.

Now, you're going to gently peelyour lash out of the packaging, starting from the inside.

And I'm going to measurethis lash against my eye.

Now as you can see, the lash hadalready lost some of its shape.

So we're going to bend it likelittle upside-down smiley face so that it gets thenatural curve of our eyes.

And then I'm going to lay it downagainst mine to see if it fits.

If you were going to trim the lash,you always want to go on the outside because that's where it's the longest.

It's even.

If you trim from theinside, you're going to end up having reallylong lashes coming out on the inner corners of your eye.

And that's going to lookreally, really fake.

So once your lashes are fitted andshaped, time to grab your glue.

You want the glue to bepuffy but never bumpy.

But you never want to touch theactual lashes because, then, it will give it a clumpy look.

Now, some people think that you'resupposed to apply the lash and the glue right away.

That's total oppositeof what you should do.

What I like to do is I will continueto make this little curly smiley shape as it's drying and getting tackier.

And then that way, it'llmaintain that curvy shape and be easier to lay on my eyelash.

And general rule here– ifyou are wearing eyeliner, you want to be able toput the lash low enough to where you see theliner go above the lash, but high enough to whereyou're not actually sticking it to youractual lashes because that will be really painful to remove.

Definitely press down on those endsbecause you do not want those to lift.

And I'm getting my other lash.

And if for any reason you noticea part of your lash starting to lift, go ahead and grab acotton swab or an eyeshadow brush.

Dip it in a little bit of glue andthen dab it where that glue is missing.

And last but not least, mascara.

I recommend using a dark,dark brown instead of a black.

That way, it softens upthe look just a little bit.

And with this much dramaon your top lashes, you definitely don't want toforget the ones on the bottom.

And that's my easy, breezyfalse lash tutorial.

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