How To apply eyeliner to sensitive eyes

How To apply eyeliner to sensitive eyes

Teary, itchy, hurting eyes and black/brown liner smudged down your face and poking yourself in the eyes is terrible whether you're trying to see the chalkboard from the back of math class, or stuck in a cubicle looking over paperwork.

Eyeliner is pretty, but it can be a hassle, especially if you have contacts or sensitive eyes.

Learn how to rid yourself or minimize yourself or discomfort.

Steps Select the appropriate eyeliner.

Look for things that say Safe for contact wearers or hypoallergenic on the back of the package before you purchase the eyeliner.

These usually go on more easily than regular liner and they won't irritate your eyes as much when it is on.

Also look for an eye-liner that says it will not tug on the skin, as this is usually the main problem as the eye area is so delicate.

Test eye-liners on your hand before buying to see if they draw smoothly, you don't want to have to press a lot to get out colour.

Never apply eyeliner to your waterline.

Your waterline is the part of your eye right above the lash line that is whitish or pale in color and touches the eye.

Don't draw the eyeliner here because it can be damaging to the eye, and very irritating.

Plus, it won't stay as long as if you apply it directly on or under the lash line.

Applying Steps: Check out How to Apply Eyeliner for the steps to actually putting eyeliner on.

Video Tips Make sure you have time.

Hurried application can lead to injury of the eye.

Warnings Never apply makeup in the car.

It is distracting and can lead to more than an eye injury.

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