How To apply eyeliner to another person

How To apply eyeliner to another person

Eyeliner can be tricky to apply, and perhaps even tougher when you're putting it on someone else.

But follow these steps, and be an amateur cosmetologist! Steps Decide on the makeup look: how you will use the eyeliner depends on a number of factors.

Are you going for a natural look, or a harsh dramatic appearance? If you are in theater, always lean towards heavier and more dramatic to compensate for harsh theater lighting.

If it is a period piece (such as set in ancient Egypt) you may want to research historical use of makeup.

Men in theater (in general)will use only a little eyeliner.

Use Browns or Black.

These are the most natural looking colors.

Unless you're going for something more fanciful, in which case there are a rainbow of colors available.

Choose hypoallergenic products, especially if this is your first use of eyeliner.

Decide between liquid or pencil: These are the two basic choices.

Pencil lasts longer, is usually less expensive, and some consider easier to control application.

Liquid sometimes feels funny in application, easier to achieve a dramatic look, but can smudge like an ink blot.

Always wash your hands: Working around people's eyes can transmit infections and disease, so be sure your hands are clean.

Always wash between clients.

Avoid sharing makeup.

Ideally, each person has his or her own makeup to cut down on possible cross-infection.

(However, this may not be feasible, especially in a theatrical production).

Use eyeliner on yourself first: If you're comfortable applying eyeliner on yourself, it will be easier to apply it on someone else.

Ask your client to close his or her eyes gently.

Position your "off-hand" (not the hand you will use to apply makeup) thumb and forefinger gently on your person's cheekbone and temple.

For some reason this helps keep the person you are working on calm, and your hand steady.

Whenever you are about to apply makeup when his or her eyes are closed, verbally tell them what you are doing before you do it every step of the way.

People don't like having things done to them when they can't watch.

Giving a person a play-by-play will keep your person calm, and not accidentally startle when you have the eyeliner near their eyes.

Gently–with the pressure you would apply to a balloon–apply eyeliner on the top lid, just barely above the eyelashes.

Usually you will only need to do about 1/4-1/2 of the eyelid for a "natural" effect.

Do the other eye.

If you are applying liquid eyeliner, wait the recommended amount of time before letting your person know it's OK to open his or her eyes.

Many people will want to open their eyes between applications.

That's OK.

Next, do the bottom lid.

This is a bit trickier.

You will apply a quarter to a half of the eyeliner just underneath the eyelashes.

Many people can do this with eyes closed, but some will need to have eyes open.

It's all right to do it with eyes open, it's just slightly more tricky.

Again, if the eyeliner needs to set, allow that amount of time.

Tell your person when you're done.

Don't keep them sitting in the makeup chair with their eyes shut.

It annoys people.

Video Tips Eyeliner can make theatrical mustaches, beards, and sideburns, too.

In theater productions, try to convince the actors to bring in their own makeup whenever possible.

It is healthier for everyone in the cast.

This is just a starting-off point for eyeliner, as there's probably hundreds of ways to artfully use eyeliner in makeup.

Research current trends to see what works for you.

Check out related wikiHows for more wonderful directions, tips, and hints.

Warnings Never use old eyeliner–it can harbor bacteria, mold, and so on.

Don't share eye makeup.

Always wash your hands before and after applying makeup to a person.

Never use eyeliner on the rim of the eyelid! Related wikiHows How to Apply Eyeliner How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner How to Apply 1960's Style Eye Makeup How to Apply Artsy Eyeliner How to Make a Temporary Tattoo With Eyeliner How to Apply Eyeliner (Men).

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