How To apply eyeliner onto inner lash line

How To apply eyeliner onto inner lash line

Have you ever seen your friend wearing really nice subtle eyeliner that looks thin and precise? Would you like that kind of look on you? Are you too scared to apply pencil to you inner lash? Then this is the article for you! Steps Take out some black eye shadow and a soft makeup sponge (has to be small for it to work).

Look at your eye.

The bottom part where you get dark circles if you don't sleep is that part you want.

Pull down gently to expose the lower lash line.

Draw along your lower lash line, along where your lower lashes have their roots, with an eyeliner pencil.

It is not recommended that you do this with liquid eyeliner.

If your eye gets irritated, just stop and wait a little while before trying again.

Start off applying the eyeliner lightly.

Too much will look no different than having applied it below the lash line.



Tips Make sure the eyeshadow you use is midnight black, like really pure dark black otherwise it won't look right If you make a mistake, simply use a q-tip to wipe it off.

If it's not right then maybe its not the look for you.

Experiment! Also you can experiment with different colours, thickness and what you do with the lop lashes.

A thin coating of mascara will look great for that 'wearing makeup without looking like your wearing it' type look.

Warnings Try this out on the weekend so if it looks bad you have all day to mess around with it.

Things You'll Need Black eyeshadow Makeup sponge Makeup wipes (in case it goes wrong) Related wikiHows How to Find Eyeliner That Suits You How to Wear Colored Eyeliner How to Apply Eyeliner (Men) How to Make Eyeliner Using Eyeshadows.

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