How To apply eye shadow for big eyelids

How To apply eye shadow for big eyelids

If you have big eyelids here is an easy way to apply eye shadow.

Depending on if you want to make your eyelids look smaller or remain the same size, most people with larger eyelids would want to make their eyes pop more and minimize their eyelids.

Since different eye colors use different colors of eye shadow, you minimize eyelids for brown eyes.

Steps Get bright colored eye shadow such as green, blue, pink etc.

Say you decide to use blue.

Start with the lightest blue in your eye shadow kit and apply it just under your eyebrow.

Then, use a medium blue for your eyelid.

Apply this all over your eyelid.

Now, take the darkest shade of blue and apply it where you would usually apply your eyeliner.

Enjoy your eyes! Tips Eyeliner is a good idea if you have big eyelids.

It will definitely minimize everything and make your eye balls pop! Related wikiHows How to Apply Eyeshadow How to Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow es:aplicar sombra para ojos en párpados grandesru:наносить тени на большие веки.

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