Hotel Transylvania- Mavis Makeup Tutorial

Hotel Transylvania- Mavis Makeup Tutorial

Dad You said that when I turned 118 years I could go into the world as any adult who comes in and out of this hotel But Mavy Wavy – not sure, bleh, bleh, bleh! Dad! 30 years ago I promised I remember we were both eating mice and you specifically gave me your word.

Good morning, Mavy Wavy! Happy birthday, my little mouse Thanks Dad, I know it's my birthday I have many fun plans Woo-hoo! Well, I have a cute puppy I am caring for the week and looks (aww) he's so cute umm, his name is Snoopy but I call McFly because I brought on the day of the anniversary film "Back To the Future" I feel that looks like a bat do not know if you can see or is my imagination but to me, it seems Good I like it It is a lambón and abrazador and now my light is behaving like a (BEEP) Welcome back to my channel my people! Today I will teach you how to make Mavis makeup, and it is actually very easy so if you're going to be for Halloween Mavis this could help So, I did the makeup exactly as it was shown in the film I studied her face at all angles of each lighting to be sure she said as she and makeup I'm using right now They are exactly the same colors she wears in the film So I hope you enjoy this video and I suppose the end of the video will look The first thing we do is get the wig and just I put on my blue contact lenses early They do not have to wear them now They can put them after makeup but I like to wear them before and the wig that I have is a straight wig in color: black-natural "WigIsFashion.

Com" I just cut it in the form I think it's best if you cut yourself because then you can get exactly the way you want heat resistance is so I did.


the enchine Now have an account where they are looking wig Mavis Mavis is "black-natural", NOT black jet There a BIG difference azabache reflects blue light, and black-naturally reflects light coffee So what I'm wearing is "Celebrate HD Pro" foundation in color "Light (Light) 3" I get that natural paleness and under the eyes basically I used the same brand foundation but "Light (Light) 1" basically you go two shades lighter than your foundation first I already put it because I wanted progesar the tutorial Ok, first thing to do is to take a medium brown and put it on your eyelid and the crease of your eyes Now, we want to ensure that this very light and not too heavy because their shade of his eyes is quite discolored Well, so it should look like this very light You want it to be subtle and the next thing you want to do It is to put the same eye shadow under your eye so it will go here This will give some depth and volume when you Agas your lower lashes And because his eyes are very round I will bring the eye shadow here to make the illusion that my eyes are also round my eyes are not round, they are almond-shaped I have to bring the shadow to the corners to be round Now, take a gray shadow I do not have a gray so I will use a black it works very well I'll take this and ponder just at the outer corners only here for now do not put it in the crease of your eyes again, they are very natural with this because its shade your eyes is not obvious absolutely It takes a little more gray and apply at inside corners That's what we want want me to go gray, brown, gray back and ensure that brown is the only color in the crease and this is how your eye shadow is in the film that I've seen so.


Now let's go back and redefineremos the crease with browner Ensure that the fold is visible because it will look nice with her eyelashes Mavis now uses an eyeliner very stained at the top and bottom we will not use liquid eyeliner and do not recommend because it seems wet desmasiado for smoky eye I recommend using an eye shadow in black for this So what I do is take a beveled brush and I dive into the black It helps if submerges in aqua black first and then must be super pigmented but I'll put that as an eyeliner after making the top, go ahead and line the lower lashes So it is literally all you have to do to shadow and eyeliner So let's go ahead and move on to the most important part of your look are her eyelashes because the lashes are amazing So what I'm going to utilizer are: Eyelashes Ardell 131 and I chose these because thick but short like hers are.

They may not be long but need to be thick and I chose these but remain long desmasiado so let's cut the tips oops.

Tengo I glue on my tirejas I'll be cutting just the tip because your eyelashes are a single length very blocked thick So will cut only slightly So you want it to look like this you see how short they are, that's what you want This is how you want your eyes look so far Now let's put a layer mask on the bottom of the tabs I am using the "Hypnose Drama" but we'll put a mask layer up to mix tabs Now let's put mascara on the bottom of the false eyelashes you can use false eyelashes but I will not use because it is easy to fall So I am going to.

put a couple able to mask like 3 or 4 capable we want very thick down Okay so the next thing he want to do is shape of the nose your nose is a nose-button but also a little pointy I can see some shadows that has a little tip So.

(Tosando) My God So what you do is.

Shading like this with a line on each side and just take it to the other side but also will draw a line down in a "V" at the tip and shading all this and then mixed to make it look very natural So the lines anadem here on the side, it gives the point and lines through the appearance of the nose is button Then it will put illuminating the center to help the illusion Well, I do not lapis black lipstick so I'll do a little using eye shadow I've been using in my tutorial I'll be using a base or lip balm anything goes Put that on your lips smells good So after putting the base Take your finger and dip it in black and pats You do not want to look very black hers is more like a dark gray and not black jet This is how a lip lapis eye shadow is super simple and do not need to buy I'll just fix the edges with correction why I want it to look cleaner and a little smaller Do you see how the illusion is coming? Now you just have to mix So it is literally all you have to do for makeup It is very easy and fun If you want to be her for Halloween, I encourage you because she's fun to be Well, I hope you liked this tutorial I had fun filming it I'm actually very.

like I'm ready to take a photo billon now So if you have any questions, you discuss them down I will not see them if you in my next video Look He likes to be born as a baby this is my baby this is the baby in Hotel Transylvania 2 in my movie, go see it.

(Bromiando) not how lightning have a man wolf cub.

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