Homemade Lipgloss

Homemade Lipgloss

Can you believe a man invented lipgloss? An inventor by the name of Max Factor created this product in the nineteen thirties for the movie industry.

It was developed specifically for actresses starring in black-and-white film.

So who's ready to be a star? with your very own organic lip gloss.

To make this lipgloss what you need is a small mason jar and a hot water bath simmering in a small sauce pan small sauce pan on the stove then in the mason jar you're going to put two teaspoons of Beeswax Pastilles or you can take the grated block of beeswax and do it that way.

Then you're going to add one teaspoon of shea butter, 3 teaspoons of coconut oil from there i always like to add a little bit of a scent.

So this time I use some peppermint essential oil but you could also use lavender or orange blossom is wonderful, patchouli.

Your chance to be creative.

Sometimes I like to do a little bit of everything and have a whole variety of lip gloss.

Then from there you can put that mason jar into the hot water bath and let it simmer slowly until it all melts.

So once it's melted we're going to remove it from the heat.

Be careful – make sure you use something to remove it with or you'll burn your hands.

Then take it and put it on your cutting board and use a funnel.

Place that funnel in one of your lip balm tubes.

and then slowly pour in that lip balm.

make sure you get all the way to the top and then let them cool.

really quickly after your lip on this They're going to cool really quickly.

After it's cooled and set, it's ready to use.

Now go ahead and try it and make every day a red carpet affair.

Source: Youtube