Hogwarts House: SLYTHERIN | Makeup Tutorial

Hogwarts House: SLYTHERIN | Makeup Tutorial

*Harry Potter Music* – [Voiceover] Hellofriends and welcome back to my Hogwarts Houses series.

This one's for Slytherin.

So to begin, I'm taking a green eyeshadow and I'm putting it over my entire eyelid.

And then bringing the same shade of green down under my lower lash line.

Once I'm happy with that,I'm taking my fluffy brush and I'm just blending it out,so that it's nice and smoky.

Next, you're gonna wannatake a piece of tape and I just place thatfrom my corner of my eye, up towards my eyebrow.

I then took a black eyeshadow and with that I'm creating anice wing shape along the tape and also bringing it upand over my eye socket.

And don't worry if it's not that neat or if you get any fall-out,it's probably gonna happen, but we can tidy that up afterwards, you just wanna make surethat it's nice and soft.

Then just take off the tape and tidy up the fall-outwith a powder brush and I also went in therewith my Beauty Blender too.

With the same black eyeshadow, but this time on a liner brush, I'm bringing that downunder my lower lash line.

And of course, an inner corner highlight by using a shimmery white eyeshadow.

Next is the trickier part,getting that snakeskin effect.

Now, for this I used a net material.

This happens to be a old wig cap, but you can use fishnet tights as well.

Once I'm happy with the position, I'm then tapping the greeneyeshadow where I want it to be.

And also a small bit of black eye shadow to give it that littlebit of extra definition.

Then it's time to reveal your Slytherin snake scale eyeshadow and I think it's actuallyreally effective.

And then just gonna take a brighter, almost lime green eyeshadow and I'm putting a little bit in the middle of my eyelid for some extra colour.

Winged eyeliner is a must with this look.

I think it makes it look more fierce and of course, mascara.

A quick tip if your mascaralooks clumpy or messy, just take a clean spoolie and just roll that through the lashes and it'll take off any excess.

And lastly, pop on some sassy eyelashes and you're ready to be part of Slytherin.

*Harry Potter Music* Thanks for watching, guys.

I hope you liked my takeon the Slytherin house.

Don't forget to check out the other Hogwart Houses at the end of this video and if you have any Slytherin friends, be sure to share it with them and give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you're new here and I will see you soon.


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