Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad) Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Hey everybody! Let's get started on the most requested tutorialof the year, Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie.

I am going to start by putting in blue contacts, and then I'm going to move right on to makeup.

For my foundation, I'm going to mix thelightest foundation I have with white cream makeup.

You can always mix in white to lighten upany foundation, but if you're using a white cream like I am, keep in mind that it probably won't stay onquite as long as foundation would on it's own, so you're definitely going to want to powderit to keep it in place as long as you can.

Be very gentle when applying the powder ontop of the cream makeup because it's very easy to accidentally wipeit off.

And on to my eyes, One side is pink.

One side is blue.

Start by applying the eyeshadow in the outercorners and sweeping it in.

Then using your finger, you can drag the eyeshadowcolor down the side of your face, keeping it really super messy.

And then I'm going to add a darker red eyeshadow and blend it in with the pink.

And now we're going blue for the other side.

Again, I'm going to sweep it across the lidand then drag it down my face with my finger.

If it's not showing up as much as you want,you can always add more eyeshadow and try it again! And just like with the other side, I'm goingto add a darker shade to the outer corner.

just to make it a little more interestinglooking.

And then I'm going to use black liquid linerto line my upper lash line and throw a little wing on there.

In the end, we're gonna want this look tolook really messy, so a gel eyeliner would also be really goodfor this because it's easier to smear it out than liquidliner.

And for that reason, I switched to a pencilliner for my lower lashes.

So line your whole lower lash line and thensmudge it all over the place with your finger.

Now it's time to get messy and dirty lookingby adding black eyeshadow on top of this look.

I'm going to start by putting it on the outercorners of my eyes and I don't really want to blend it too much, so I'm going to use my finger to mix it inwith the color on my eyelids.

I'm also going to use my finger to drag thatblack down underneath my eyes and also down on the side smeary things.

I want the main colors to show through butI want it to just look a little bit dirtier.

And then of course, I will add black mascarato my eyelashes.

Harley's eyebrows are a lot darker than herblonde hair, so I'm going to use a dark brown eyeshadowto fill in my eyebrows, and then I'm going to brush it out with aspooly brush to soften the brow and make it look a littleless defined.

And then of course, I'm going to put on someeyelashes.

She doesn't have like really crazy lashesor anything so I'm just going to pick the most naturalpair that I have, and go with that.

By now, we have all seen the little blackheart on her cheek.

The placement of the heart is kind of likeif you went straight out from your nostril and straight down from the outer corner ofyour eye.

The heart goes right about where those twolines would meet.

So using a black body paint, I just drew alittle heart and filled it in.

If you don't have black body paint, you canalso use a liquid eyeliner, which is exactly what I am going to use forthe next step.

So, at some point during the movie, she getsa tattoo of the word "ROTTEN" on her right jawline.

So I'm using this eyeliner to do the letteringbecause it has a super fine tip and I can get a lot more detailing in witha tiny little tip like this.

No matter what you're using, it is still reallytough to do letters in reverse when you're looking in a mirror.

When I'm doing backwards lettering, it helpsme a lot to look at the word as a series of lines and shapes instead ofactual letters, and that makes it a lot less confusing forme.

No matter how you decide to do it, practicemakes perfect and it only gets easier the more you do it.

And now that my face tattoos are all done, I'm going to bring out the red lips, starting by lining and filling in my lipswith a red lip liner, and then coming back over that with a darkerred lipstick.

For my nails, I used Dream Diamonds from MadamGlam on my left hand which is the blue one, and Hypnotize Me which is the red one on myright hand.

And now.

I'm going to go ahead and change into my HarleyQuinn cosplay before I put the tattoos on my arms and legs, just in case something goes awry, I don'twant to get it on my Joker shirt.

So here we are.

The new Harley Quinn has a tattoo of red andblack diamonds on her right arm forearm.

So I'm using black and red body paint to drawthese on.

I'm just freehanding it, but you can definitelystencil this pattern on if that's easier for you.

After filming this, I realized some of thesediamond shapes are solid so you don't need to break it up into fourlittle diamonds on every single one.

I think as long as you have a tattoo thatis generally diamond shaped, you're probably doing pretty good.

So you're going to want to keep putting diamondsall over your arm until you create a band that goes all theway around.

Because I'm freehanding these diamonds, theydidn't match up perfectly when they met on the other side of my arm, so I used a makeup remover wipe to take alittle stripe out of the band.

I just thought it looked a lot cleaner thandiamonds that don't match up.

But of course, you can do this tattoo howeveryou want, or you could not do the tattoo at all.

It is up to you.

I just want you to have fun.

The new Harley also has tattoos on her legs, so add some randomly placed diamonds and writing and whatever you want on ya legs.

I got so many question about how I dyed my wigwhen I posted a little teaser of this on Instagram.

But don't you guys worry.

I actually have anentire video that is a costume tutorial for this Harley Quinn look, including dying the wig and making the outfitand crafting accessories and props! All that good stuff! That video will be coming out later this week, and you'll find out everything you need toknow about dying a wig in that video.

But for now, I'm using Gothic Lolita Wigslace front Yaki straight in blonde, which I styled into pigtails and curled.

In the DIY costume video, I will also showyou how I made all of these accessories, like this PUDDIN necklace, the gun holster, belt buckle, pretty much, I will show you everything youneed to be Harley Quinn, so make sure you subscribe to my channel soyou don't miss out on that video.

It's gonna be fun! And that's it! I hope you guys had as muchfun watching this video as I did making it.

This has definitely been one of my favoritecostumes of the year.

It is just so much fun.

Thanks again for watching.

You guys know Ilove you all so very much.

I'll see you next time! Bye!.

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