Harajuku girl Rainbow MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Kawaii model Haruka Kurebayashi

Harajuku girl Rainbow MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Kawaii model Haruka Kurebayashi

I drew purple using blue.

Add some light green.

White highlighter Hello, I'm Haruka Kurebayashi.

I'm a model for KERA and vocalist for the band Mujyu-ryoku Cookie.

Today I will show you some makeup that I think will become a hit in 2016: Rainbow Makeup! So Let's start.

For the color contact lens, I use OZ's 16mm The OZ series has a round rim around it, and inside the rim is another layer of color The design is not jagged, so it won't be gyaru-like.

Even though it is big, it has a clean, round feature to it so it'll make you look like a doll.

After putting in the contact lens comes the base foundation.

I'm using Maihada CC cream.

A CC cream pretty much covers your skin completely It is very convenient as you don't need another base foundation.

After using this, I use the Candy concealer.

This concealer covers pretty strongly, and it has 2 types: EYE and the FACE First using the EYE, if you use it under your eyes around the eye bag area, The parts which usually become cast in shadow will be hidden well.

It's good for pimple marks, and the dimples you have beside your nose can be pretty well covered with this.

Next I use the FACE , which is the lighter one to be used on the T zone.

Use it for the nose, the eyebrows, and parts right by your nostrils which have dimples.

Tapping those parts with this will hide it so it'll give the skin an overall matte look.

After using these two, I'm using Cezanne's powder foundation to lightly powder over it.

Doing this will prevent the powder from creating wrinkles and make it keep for longer in non-sweaty seasons.

For the eye shadow, I placed yellow on top of the lid starting from the inner corner.

Up to 1/3 of the width of the eye.

and after the yellow, I do the middle of the lid in the next color.

This time I used the most vibrant color in the middle.

Even though the impression you create will change greatly depending on which color you choose, by placing the most colorful choice in the middle the colors will balance well.

I want to create a gradient starting with pink toward the outer edge, so I'm using purple Up to right, just outside of where the eye ends.

up to here in blue.

Once you've placed the blue, next make 1/3 the width of the whole eye light green.

The remaining 2/3 will be adding the white highlighter.

I place a gel type red shadow in the middle.

This is because powder alone makes the impression very vague, that is why I use a glossy gel type shadow.

Here comes the eyeliner.

I start from the outer corner, but I want to pull it along the extension of the eye line in a downward motion, That is why working inward from that point will make the lines beautiful and balanced.

Then I tap the brush inwards placing it on the extension of the pulled line.

For the bottom part, if I do it normally it'll be too dark, so it's draw one, skip one, draw one, skip one.

If you just tap it as if drawing eyelashes, it will look like a natural shadow This will become the base for placing the fake lashes.

When you get to this point, it's time for the upper lashes.

Right about where your contact lens start, you put the lashes and pressing down toward the outer corner of the eye will hold it nicely.

The bottom lashes should start just a little bit to the outer side compared to the top lashes This time I place it following the shape of the eye.

If you're not comfortable with the outer corner you should put them halfway from the inner corner, Then move around the part which goes to the outer corner to see where it fits and finally, placing the glue on the edge will prevent you from making mistakes.

Then I draw the nose shadow.

From the edge of the eyebrows down to the nostrils, I draw in very light strokes.

If you put too much at this time, sometimes it's difficult to recover If you try it out beforehand on your hand to see how it looks, you can avoid this situation.

Now to the part from where the eye shadow doesn't cover to where the eyebrows start.

Use very light strokes.

In this way, even if the eyeshadow gives that strong look, the edges will still show some character and give that strong feature look.

The highlighter goes on the bridge of the nose.

Put that white shadow line right on it.

I also put some on the outside of the eyebrows as well.

In this way, the inner side of the eyebrows have eye shadow, and the outer side will have highlighter, giving it a distinction.

This will give it that doll like feature.

Next, add some color.

Since currently my fringe is pink, I also drew it in pink.

Once you've put it up to half of the eyebrows, then you use an eyebrow pencil to draw the line.

This time you pull it along your eyebrows, and start drawing from the outer corner.

That is because when you start drawing from the inner corner, you tend to put too much, or you cause the colors you put on before to disappear so check the balance and draw the outer corner, then you start to draw inward from the outer corner.

and finally, connect the lines together.

For the lipstick, I use a the thin berry pink color.

Next I use a darker tone to fill in one layer on the inside.

Finally, I use a gloss, the same type of color as the lipstick Just a slightly darker pink to be used in the middle, and the edge of the inside of the lips.

It seems to be a trend now to have lipstick on different layers, so having that in mind, I used three different colors.

Finally I put on some stars.

I put 5 of them in an upside down triangle shape, I believe the stars look spread out when going up, so it'll create an widening effect on the eye.

For those of you who don't need this so much just take away 2 of the stars near the nose, and make an upside down triangle of stars near the corner of the eye.

For the hair, the area near the face is straightened.

The hair on the side should curl a little bit inward.

I'm making it straight.

For the bangs, people who have a lot of volume should make two layers, curl it starting from the inner side to make it beautiful After this done, I curl the whole thing.

I do inner curl, outer curl, inner curl, outer curl, but you don't have to worry so much about the order, or how much you should do inner and outer curls Just do what is comfortable for you.

Once it is curled, I make pigtails.

and tie a not.

This time to hide the knots, I take a bundle of hair, and wrap it around the rubber band once.

Then pin it in two places.

When the pigtails are done, untie the bundle a little bit to give it some volume, attach some small hair clips like strawberry clips, and since I also found decoration items matching the stars on my face, I use them as well.

How was it everyone? This makeup was fun, even just the process of doing it.

and it is fun watching the colorful makeup coming off when you use the cleansing cotton.

So definitely do give it a try! Please check out the other videos as well.

bye bye.

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