Halloween Sock Monkey Makeup Tutorial (CC)

Halloween Sock Monkey Makeup Tutorial (CC)

(mischievous music) Good evening! Now, it was with all intentions that I had to make this look SCARY Not scary like "terrifying," this is supposed to be "cutesy," but still creepy enough for Halloween.

and THIS ONE turned out to be CUTER than the original one I did before that was INTENDED to be cute.

Sock monkeys don't do what they're told, they do what they want.

Regardless of intentions, now we are going to have little kids walking around as sock monkeys like, "Oh my God! Your kid's so cute!" "Oh, I learned it from Madeyewlook, she has the best tutorials!" THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY.

Regardless of intentions, I like the way this turned out I think it is really, really cute.

Just in case you guys were expecting like a bloody sock monkey, let me know in the comments below if you want to see a little bit more of a scary sock monkey.

It can be done.

I can do it.

*whispers* Don't forget to share with your friends.

All of the products I used today will be listed somewhere around the video, also don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me! (whoosh!) Im staring out by using white eyeliner just to sketch out where my nose is going to go, so I don't fill it in with paint.

I'm also sketching out the hole where my brain is going to go.

The colors I decided to use for this were lime green, orange, and purple.

I want to start the stripes using the lightest color, so that way it isn't a mess later.

So I am filling in my green stripes, and guesstimating how far it will be to fit two more stripes.

I'm then layering in the orange (body paint) (music).

and the purple.

Purple body paint is one of the most infuriating things to work with.

So just be aware that you will have to do a couple coats of purple, since it's never really.


(music) Using pink body paint, I'm filling in my brain.

Of course, filling in my muzzle using white.

To give some dimension, I'm using grey eyeshadow and just outlining the mouth.

Of course, keep it nice and soft, and blend it out.

Using the MadeULook detail brush and black body paint, I'm drawing in the stitches that separate the mouth from the nose.

Just to make it a little more "Halloween-y" I am also including some cross stitches.

The most TIME CONSUMING PART, MY FRIENDS! Actually, once you get used to it, it actually goes really fast.

All of the stitches together took me about an hour.

Using the same detail brush, which is the best brush to do this with because it's the right size, shape, and all you really have to do is just lay it down, in all of the green sections, I am first putting down darker green body paint.

You're going to make this all on one angle, in rows, with a space in between.

I am then using a very light green, going the opposite direction on the opposite side.

THIS MY FRIENDS IS HOW I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE KNITTING! (says proudly) (music) My boyfriend called me to tell me that I'm beautiful.

little did he know, I was a sock monkey.

For the purple sections, I used more of an orchid type color since the purple is already decently dark, and I created the diagonals going down, in a row, facing one way.

Using a lighter purple, I finished out this stitching doing diagonals facing the opposite way.

(music) For all of the orange sections, I used dark orange body paint, creating diagonals facing one way.

I THEN went in with light orange, creating diagonals the other way, finishing up the stitching for all of the stripes.

To define "le brain," I'm using a hot pink eyeshadow and just going around the edges, as well as creating that texture of the brain, but keeping it kind of cartoony.

Blend that out.

(music) To also make it appear a little more ripped, I am using a darker green shadow to outline the edge of the green section, and a red eyeshadow to outline the orange section.

Also, a couple of loose stitches from it being "ripped open" Since this is a Halloween themed sock monkey, I thought it would be very cute to include a bat patch.


Using a detail brush, I'm outlining my bat and filling him in.

I also used white body paint for his eyes, and stitches to sew him on.

(music) To create the holes in the sock monkey, I wanted to base it out in white, so it gives more of the appearance that puff is coming out of you.

Like the brain section, I outlined the hole using orange eyeshadow, and purple eyeshadow.

I also threw in a little bit of black [eyeshadow] to give it depth in case it showed.

Using a cotton pad, I applied some Pros-Aid and then just stuck on my stuffing.

and if you use Spirit Gum, DON'T.




to make it sticky.

You guys can also put stuffing where ever you want! You can put it in your mouth to make it look like it's coming out of your mouth, stick it up your nose.

and then there's the bat.

I was looking at the bat.

and I was like, "This bat needs shading.

" So I shaded him.

Using black body paint, I created a button eye on one of my eyes by keeping it closed, and filling in a circle.

On my other eye, I made an X.

I did this by creating two "V"s, that way your lines would not get messed up with your.


crease? Ew.

That sounds.


Eye opening.

? Eye.


Yeah! Go ahead and apply some liner! I also used white liquid eyeliner to make the holes in the button.

To make my ears, I just cut them out of paper, drew them exactly where I wanted them to be as well as lined up the colors, and painted them.

I also painted my ears partially purple, just in case they showed behind the other ears.

Once your ears are dry, apply some Pros-Aid or Spirit Gum and then stick your ears on.


*woosh!* (music).

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