*orgasm noise** Yes Pewds It's Halloweeeeeen But I don't have a costume! Fuck ! *distorted noises* What is this? [idk but kill it with fire] "Hey guys, and this is Halloween outfit idears!!!!!!!!" Back at it again.

[with the white vans?] What is this costume Marina? What do you call that? ".

Outfit ideas!" "First thing you wa-" Jesus Christ.

Who edits these? Because if it's satire it's fucking beautiful Ya know? Like what is that? ".

Outfit ideas" "Firs-" Heh Hey guys and welcome to PewDiePie channel! TODAAyYyYy we're going to- *laughs* "First thing is you want to draw on a cat nose!" Oh, the cat nose! The g-awhhh Marina.

You've saved my Halloween [praise the lawd] What's that? *distorted background noises* WHat is tha-what is that sound? *louder distorted noises* OhhhhHHhhhhHHHhh You want to do the tutorial with me Gunter? Oh that's great, that's fantastic "I love Marina Joyce" You're a big Marina Joyce fan? "I edit her videos for her" YOU'RE the one that edits? Well that explains a lot, you don't have any arms.

"And I do this in a heart shape!" <333 "And I do this with Glamorise Rimmel London liquid eyeliner" That's perfect because I happen to have the exact same brand! [what a coincidence] Wow lucky me Alright "Liquid eyeliner" *sped up Marina language* Is that some kind of Halloween creepy edit? Or does she actually edit like that? [no, gunther edits it] Like, I can't tell *more sped up Marina language* Okay well errr Let's do that and then we can speed it up And then I'm gonna kill myself *squeaky mouse sounds* Waaait a minute.

Waait a minute WAIT A MINUTE That's SUPER cute! ^3^ I want it too I want it too *sped up Pewds language* I want it too [editing 10/10] That's pretty good That's pretty good "And there you have it, you have a heart shape on your nose!" There you have it folks And there you have it.

Well thank you Marina Oh wow it's really not good is it? It's kinda fucking hard to see alright? It smells so strongly, this one *sniff* euaargh "You can see the heart shape!" "And then you want to do 3 whiskers either side" *sad music*Why are we still here? *sad music* We just suffer *sad music*Every night.

*sad music*I can feel my leg.

*sad music*My arm.

*sad music*Even my fingers.

"And you want to do 3 whiskers on one side.

" I mean, you did say '3 whiskers on each side' I don't know why you had to tell me that twice.

"3 whiskers either side!" I mean the whole tutorial is kinda self-explanatory to be honest "Then you want to do 3 whiskers on one side!" Okay 3 whiskers on the one side okay, okay "What about me? I want whiskers" Oh my god, shut up I'm getting to you Wait, I can't fucking see Like, my viewfinder is so tiny "3 whiskers on the other side!" Th-AUGH Of course 3 whiskers on the OTHER side *sigh* I feel so stupid because I mix up the easiest tutorials Like.

Most people tell me every little detail I got a problem So we did it right, we did it right Er, Gurberrr I almost called you Whiskers That would be a cute name for you *smooches* *senpai noticed meh omfg ^3^* *forehead zooming intensifies* "And then you want to do a line down from your nose" Oh gawd.

"Copy me" *concentration face on point* *lol what is she doing* *them whiskas tho* *dafuq is dis* *can't understand this shet* *senpai still notices me fak fak fak* [why is your beard so scratchy what the fuck pewds] [dad please stop this] [actually keep going for us we love it, quality content] Aw shi-aw ged demmit The instructions weren't clear enough Now I got a Hitler mustache [nein you don't] "And you colour in black on the top of your lip" "I'm gonna eat that tasty finger"Shut up "Give me that finger Daddy"Shut up shut up T_T "Imma fuck yo momomom" Gobber gobber [okey but wtf is this thing's name like] "Momomomomemmomom" "And once you're done, you're ready to go as a cat for Halloween!" Fuck yeah! I'm ready as a cat! And so are you Garblo [i give up with this name now] Let's go.

*look at the sexy-ass man* You thought the video was over? [well we HOPED it was] No Calm your tits man! "I hope you all enjoyed this look guys!" "This is the finished look!" "And I'm going to be doing, now, a tutorial on all the clothes and all the Halloween stuff that you should wear!" "So I hope that you enjoy this!" Wai-wai-wait a minute MICHEAL What is this? [Michael] "That's a YouTube channel!" What is that? What is that? What is this? Huh? What is this? Is there something you're not telling me? [o sHiT] You're hanging out with Marina Joyce now? You fucking weirdo *gawd damn that modelling* *pewds is getting jealous* *sad and dramatic music* ;-; "It's still there.

" "You feel it too, don't you?" "I'm gonna make them give back our past.

" This is no ill intent to Marina of course Check out her channel, I'll leave a link in the des-description And I'll see you Next Tuesday ;3 fucken subscriiiibe okay but seriously what the fuck is that goober/gunter thing called liek halp plz thank u for using meh subtitles much appreciated all the pewdarts are so talented like goddamn anyway check out the link in the description to jacksep-i mean marina's channel have a good day or evening see you bros in the next one byyye <333.

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