Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Hey guys! I am so excited about today's tutorial.

Today I will be doing The Little Mermaid'svery own sea witch, Ursula.

Ursula is one of my favorite Disney villainsof all time so I can't wait to get started.

Let's start with a clean face and this insanedress that has The Little Mermaid characters as zombies because I feel like Ursula would totally approveof that.

Now for my contacts, I chose to wear blackbecause that's how her eyes look most of the time.

Sometimes they appear blue but I'm not sureif that's just reflection from the water or what so I went with black because that's what theyusually are.

Because I'm not going to be using purple faceor body paint, I'm going to start my makeup in the same waythat I usually do, with concealer under my eyes and then blendingit in with my fingers.

Then I'm going to put foundation on and blendthat in with my fingers too.

Remember to wash your hands before applyingany makeup with your fingers.

Then I will just apply a light coat of highdefinition powder to set my foundation.

If you have dark eyebrows, you are definitelygoing to want to cover them for this look.

I recommend the glue stick method and there are already TONS of tutorials onYouTube about how to cover your eyebrows with the glue stick method, so if you need it, check it out.

I'm going to skip this step because I alreadyhave light eyebrows.

Next I'm going to take a black liquid eyelinerand draw Ursula's crazy arched eyebrows.

It's best to start with a thin line and then addto it as you go, so you can really control the shape and get it exactly how you want it.

It's a lot easier to add to a thin line thanto remove some from a thick line.

Now I'm going to use my eyeliner to cut throughmy eyebrow to create Ursula's exaggerated eyelid.

My natural eyebrows grow in completely differentfrom one another, so I have to be careful not to follow my eyebrows, and try to draw these eyelids as evenly aspossible.

Now that I'm looking seriously crazy, I am going to put some eyeshadow primer onto make sure my shadow goes on nice and bright.

Now it's time for some color.

Ursula is definitely not scared of her blueeyeshadow, so I am going to take it all the way up to that black line that I drew to create thefalse lid.

Now I'm going to take some black and greyeyeshadows to fill in the rest of the eye and give it some dimension.

Starting with light grey, I'm going to fillin between the lines like a coloring book.

Then I will add in some dark grey and thenblack, to start shading and shaping Ursula's eyesocket.

Don't worry if you go outside of the lineswith the lighter eyeshadow because it is super easy to touch up and darken thebrows back with the eyeliner.

With that same eyeliner, I'm just going togo ahead and line my eyes with a nice long winged eyeliner.

Then I will fill in my waterline with a whiteeyeliner pencil.

Then I'm going to use the same teal eyeshadowthat I used before to pop some color in underneath my eyes.

Then I'm going to use the same liquid linerto line underneath my eyes and draw in Ursula's two signature lower lashes.

Now put black mascara on the top and bottomlashes.

I think the perfect lashes for Ursula areDolluxe number six, Whiplash Attack, because they are very full and they wing outwards,just like Ursula's.

After you apply lash glue to the band, wait for the glue to get tacky, and then apply as close to the natural lashline as you can.

This step is totally optional, but I feellike if any Disney villain is going to want glitter, it is gonna be Ursula.

So I am going to use this Lit Kit from LitCosmetics to apply glitter to my eyebrows and underneath my eyes.

The way to use a Lit Kit is to just dip thebrush that comes with the kit into the glitter base, and then dip the brush into the glitter, and just paint it on! It makes applying glitter so much easier and doesn't cause, like, a gigantic mess likenormal glitter application would.

So that color that I just put on my browswas a silvery black kind of color called Super Fly, and now I'm going to add purple in Disco Divaunderneath my eyes.

This isn't really part of her usual makeuplook, but since I'm not doing the purple body paint, I thought this would be a great opportunityto pop a little bit of extra purple into the look.

Because Ursula's skin is purple, I still wantto give hints of that but just in a more functional way than bodypaint for Halloween.

So, to do that, I'm going to use a purpleeyeshadow and fill in my forehead and bring the colordown on to my cheeks.

You can use a smaller brush to make it easierto get in around the eyebrows as well.

Ursula has huge red lips, so feel free toover-draw your own natural lip if you want to.

As long as you're using a red lipstick, it'shard to really go wrong doing Ursula's lips.

Don't forget to add Ursula's mole.

It is on the right side of her chin underneathher lips.

If you want to round out your face like Ursula's,you can do some optional shading between your eyebrows, around your nose, yoursmile lines, and your chin.

I totally forgot to do this before, so nowI am bringing that purple shadow underneath my chin and down onto my chest, so the look's not just on my face and it kindof brings the look together.

Ursula rocks red nail polish so I am usingShow Me the Ruby by Madam Glam.

Dramatic outfit change in three.


This Ursula dress is from Costume Supercenter.

It is so much fun.

It is a dress with tentacles.

You can not go wrong.

But wait, we're not done yet! Time for a wig.

The one that I got is an official Disney villainswig, so I kind of thought that it would look morelike Ursula's hair.

The colors are right for Ursula, but it justdoesn't look much like the picture.

So if you have experience styling wigs orare just confident enough to try it yourself, because the colors are right, I say go forit.

Just be aware that it may take a little bitof work to get there.

Finally, here is my finished Ursula look.

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