– Hi guys! Today I'm with Giulia.

– Hi! I'm going to show you how to a achieve this look,this is my only Halloween tutorial for 2016.

I love it because it's the kind of makeup I like,with a splatter touch, perfect for Halloween.

The look is inspired to the TV series"Scream Queens", which is my current favourite.

It's very funny and ironic, and I love the protagonistsbecause they're always perfect and glamorous.

I'd like to thank my friend Daizy Shely, a talentedstylist that dressed the whole cast of Scream Queens.

She lent me for the tutorial this beautiful top,which was used in the series.

Thank you Daizy! The makeup is very easy:it's a classic look on soft and elegant tones.

For the cut, you just need a bit of practiceand it will be super easy and quick to recreate.

I hope you like this tutorialand I send you a big kiss! I start with the Divine Tone Moisturizing Face Serumby Kiko, a moisturizing and illuminating base.

I apply it for a glowy and luminous effect.

For foundation I use Born This Wayby Too Faced in the shade Vanilla.

I first dab it on the face andI then work it into the skin with a brush.

I like this foundation because it's thin butit has good coverage and it's long lasting.

I stop the base hereand I pass to the eye makeup: it's going to be very easy because the protagonistsof Scream Queens don't wear an heavy makeup.

I'm going to use very few products.

On the entire lid I apply a new NABLA product:it's a new Creme Shadow shade, Entropy.

It's one of your favourite eyeshadowsand I also love it, it's gorgeous.

We recreated it in the cream version, which willsoon be available but I can't say anything yet.

I apply it on the entire eyelid.

It has an hazelnut brown basewith a pink and silver reflection.

With just one productyou can achieve a complete makeup: it's three-dimensional,both in the powder and the cream versions.

It seems like you apply twoor three shadows, but it's actually just one.

In the crease it looks darker and more intense,and on the rest of the lid it's metallic and luminous.

I apply Teddy pencil by MAC on the lash line.

Teddy is my favourite brown eye pencil ever.

I slightly elongate the line outwards.

And I then blend it with a soft brush.

Giulia, I love this combo on you, from now onyou should always wear Entropy and Teddy.

– Look how beautiful it looks.

– It's gorgeous.

I apply Teddy also along the waterline.

I also slightly bring iton the outer lower lash line.

And I blend it.

I apply a touch ofEntropy on the lower lash line.

This adds more luminosity.

For mascara I use the Maxi-Mod by Kiko.

Also on the lower lashes.

For false lashes I'm using the ones from Primark,they're 1.

50 euros and they are in groups of three.

– Do you think they all have the same length?- No, these are longer.

They're very long! I like them because they're quicker andeasier to apply and the effect is beautiful.

– They're amazing.

– And you apply them in one minute.

I applied twelve individual lashesas if they were four.

For the under eye, I use the Born This Wayconcealer by Too Faced in the shade Light Medium.

The concealer is also thin,with good coverageáand it sits well on the skin.

I do a very soft baking withthe No Color Powder by RCMA.

With the Beauty BlenderI press the powder on the concealer to set it.

I brush the brows and I fill them in usingNABLA Brow Pot in the shade Neptune.

I'll leave you the link to the videowhere I explain how to achieve perfect eyebrows.

In this case I'm working on the outer partbecause this girl has very mean eyebrows.

And I even try to pluck them andmake them as round as possible! With the Brow PotI draw small hairsáand I fill in this area.

– Like so.

– Now I'm Bambi.

I set them with the Brow Tamerby Urban Decay in Clear.

I now remove the excess powder.

In the areas that we baked.

I set the rest of the face with theHD Finishing Powder by NYX, which I love.

It's very lightweight, transparentand it perfectly mattifies the skin.

I add some depth and warmth with theFlawless Fusion Bronzer Powder by Kiko in 02.

I'm not actually contouring,I'm just adding some shading.

For blush I'm using Daisyfrom the Blossom Blush by NABLA.


– Chanel would never smile.

– Never.

But you do, just to apply blush.

I'm almost getting emotional! I highlight the cheekbones and the high pointsof the face with Angel Shade and Glow by NABLA.

I love it.

I love it! It's beautiful.

I also apply it on the bridge of the nose, cupid's bow,going towards the chin and making this little noise.

I now highlight the inner corneralways by using Angel.

Let's move on to the lips.

I define them withPillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury and I fill them in.

I then apply this lipstick byWet and Wild in the shade In The Flesh.

It's a beautiful dusky pink.

I apply it directly from the bullet.

– This colour is so Scream Queens!- Isn't it? Beautiful! Now it's time for the fun part,the throat cut.

We're about to kill Chanel.

– I changed personality.

– We're about to kill Giulia.

I'm using this wax by Grimas, which is transparentand it's perfect for this kind of special effects.

I pick it up with a spatula and I apply some glueon the area where I want to place the cut.

This will allow the waxto better adhere to the skin.

It's obviously a cosmetic glue,this one is from Kryolan.

I lightly dab it.

– You need the specific remover for the glue, don't you?- Yes.

I warm up the waxwith my hands until it gets sticky.

I then create a little rolland I apply it on the interested area.

I press the wax against the skinalways using the same spatula.

I press the edges.

Like so.

My skin is paler than the wax.

I do the same on the lower edge.

I now use this oil calledSpirit Gum Remover,áwhich is a wax remover.

I pick up some product with my finger andI use it to blend the edges together with the skin.

– Why do you use oil?- Because I need something to melt it, in order to blend it together with the skin.

With a transparent powder I mattify it.

With the Beauty Blenderand some foundation even it out.

It looks scary! I dip the spatula in the oiland I start creating the cut.

– So you basically remove some product.

– Yes, I actually open it.

Let's move on to the fake blood: this isthe Fresh Scratch Blood Effect by Kryolan.

I use the same spatula.

This is the coagulated blood.

I apply this gelatinous product inside the cut.

I then bring the blood outwardsfor a more realistic effect.

I now need to add the trickling blood.

Since I don't have the liquid one, I use a redpigment, you can also use red lipstick or shadow.

I pour some on my hand, I add an oil,I mix with the spatula and I obtain a red cream.

I apply it on certain points andI try to make it trickle downward.

It's trickling, it's trickling!I use my double chin.

Let's see if it stops.


– Glam splatter.

– Exactly.

My god! So cool! – So this is the final look, I really like it!- I love it!áI'll do this one for Halloween, for sure.

– Do you want me to do it for you?- No, I want to try it myself.

I love it because it's a splatter Halloween lookbut it's also glamorous, you look beautiful.

Especially if you are going to a party and youwant to pick up guys.

at least you're not a zombie.

Careful, the dress! I hope you liked this video,this is my only Halloween tutorial this year.

Let me know what you think about itwith a comment down below, I send you a big kiss! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Snapchat,Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with MrDanielMakeup.

Please also follow Giulia on Instagram withgiuliasinesi, I'll leave the link down below.

Kisses! Bye!.

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