Halloween Dolls: Porcelain Doll, Cracked Doll, Possessed Doll Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

Halloween Dolls: Porcelain Doll, Cracked Doll, Possessed Doll Makeup Tutorial | Halloween 2015

[Twinkle Twinkle Little Star playing] [thunder] [screams] Hey everybody! I have gotten so many requests this year fora doll tutorial from porcelain dolls, to pretty cracked dolls, to scary cracked dolls.

So let's just do 'em all.

I will start with the pretty porcelain doll because once you get possessed by scary, evildoll spirits, it is hard to come back.

I put in these big blue circle lenses to makemy eyes as dolly as possible.

For my foundation, I am mixing a light-coloredfull coverage foundation with white creme makeup.

The full coverage foundation will help myskin look as flawless as possible while the white creme makeup will give myskin a little bit more of that porcelain color.

Porcelain usually isn't solid white, so it'sa good idea to mix white with another foundation.

And then I will cover that with a settingpowder to lock it all in place on my face and neck.

For the eyeshadow, of course you can do whateveryou want here.

But in most of the reference photos that Ifound, porcelain dolls seem to usually have prettysubtle eyeshadow mostly in natural tones.

So I'm just going to use a beige eyeshadowalong my brow bone and as a base.

And then I'm going to put a dusty rose kindof color on my eyelid.

We're just gonna keep it really simple forthis look.

I went in a super weird order when I was filmingthis.

I do not know why I didn't finish my eyesfirst.

But I jumped straight to my eyebrows and filledthem in with a light brown eyeshadow to match the blonde wig that I'm going tobe wearing.

And we're back to the eye.

I'm just using a liquid eyeliner to do a thinline across my upper lash line.

And then I will add mascara on top of that.

And I guess we'll come back to the eyes againlater.

For now.

blush! Porcelain dolls do usually have very heavyblush and it's easy to accidentally do, like, thecircular clown cheeks and you don't want to do that.

Just put down some softer pink blush in acircular motion and make sure you blend it all out so youdon't look like a clown.

Porcelain dolls usually tend to look morelike creepy heavily made up children than clowns which is just as scary really, but somethingto keep in mind.

Doll lips are usually small but pouty.

So to get this look, I am going to over drawmy cupid's bow a little bit.

They're usually really defined.

And I'm going to decrease the width of mymouth by using a pink lip liner to redraw the shape of my lips, not quiteas wide as my actual lips are.

So I'll be leaving a little bit of space onthe outside corner of my lips.

And then I will use a darker rose kind ofcolor to come back in and line the new lip shape.

Then fill in the outer part of the lips withthis darker rose color, leaving the inside pink.

Leaving the inside of the lips lighter willmake them look more plump and fuller and more doll-like.

Then top it off with a pink lipstick to blendthe darker lip liner in a little bit.

Once I have the lips how I want them, I willclean up the outer corners with that foundation mix that I made earlier.

This is the same foundation mix that I haveall over the rest of my face, so it should blend in pretty well.

And now I'm going to make my cheeks poutyand my chin round with a creme contouring makeup.

You can see that I'm drawing the shadow linesover my actual lips to help sell that look that my lips are actuallysmaller than they are.

Blend out the shadows until you are happywith how they look.

If you don't have a creme contouring makeup,no biggie.

You can always just use an eyeshadow thatis darker than your foundation to create shadows.

And here we are, back at the eyes again.

Iguess we should finish them off, huh? So to top them off, I am going to add whiteeyeliner to my waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

And of course, lashes from Dolluxe and Rock-A-Lashare the perfect doll lashes.

I mean it's kinda exactly what they're madefor.

I am going to stack two different pairs toget a really full big doll look on my top lashes, starting with the bigger lash which is LashingOut Loud on the bottom.

And here you can see the major differencein fullness when you don't stack lashes and when you do.

So I'm going to stack Born to Flirt on topof Lashing Out Loud.

And then I'll use Underlash A for my underlashes.

A dolly hair style goes a really long waywhen making any doll character.

So this like super tight ringlet style isperfect for this look.

This one is from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

It'stheir ringlet wig.

And from now until Halloween, my discountcode has been bumped up.

It's now Alexa20.

After Halloween, it willgo back to Alexa15.

So you can save yourself a few extra buckson your Halloween style this year.

This beautiful, beautiful dress is actuallya Marie Antoinette costume, but I thought it would work great for likea Victorian porcelain doll.

The detailing and the sleeves and the asymmetryof the dress.

Ahh– It's just perfect.

I love it.

For my nails, I wanted to keep it in the samecolor palette as the dress, so I'm using a very soft baby pink gel polishfrom Madam Glam that is really subtly pink.

Like, it's almostwhite.

Not quite though.

I mean, it definitely is pink.

It's just verysubtle and it ended up matching this dress perfectly.

And that completes the porcelain doll.

[doll shattering] If you're a porcelain doll, odds are you'reprobably gonna get broken eventually.

You're made of porcelain.

You're fragile! So for the cracked doll, I'm just going tokeep building off of the porcelain doll base that I just finished showing you.

And using an orange or brown body paint, I'mgoing to start drawing out where I want the first hole to be.

Once you have a shape that you like, start filling it in with black to actuallymake it look like a hole.

I start by filling it in with a bigger brushand then coming in with a small detail brush to line the edges and make it look a lot moresharp.

To me, basing the hole in orange or brownmakes it look like you're seeing the inside of a hollow head, but if that is something that you don't like, of course, feel free to switch it up and justdo solid black.

And now it is time to add the cracks which is what everyone seems to want to knowabout.

The cracks will branch out from the main holethat I've created and as they get farther and farther away fromthe hole, they'll keep splintering off.

They'll getlighter.

They'll get smaller.

I'm going to make a few spots a little deeper,but on the whole, I want to keep them pretty light.

Just barely touching your skin with that blackpaint will make it look a little more realistic.

And make sure to keep the placement totallyrandom.

You don't want it to look like it's breakingin some sort of pattern, unless a patterned break suits your character'sbackstory.

Mine is just a porcelain doll that has beenbroken, so it would shatter in a random way.

After the main whole and cracks are all inplace, I'm going to come around the edges with awhite eyeshadow.

I'm going to keep the eyeshadow the most concentrated at the edge of the cracks and I'm going toblend it outwards.

This will make the cracks look deeper andmore abrupt.

The placement of the holes and cracks shouldbe somewhere that makes sense with the costume you're planning on wearing.

Because this one has a big open chest area,I decided to put a big hole right on my chest.

It's just a very vulnerable spot, so it workswell that my sad little doll would be broken there.

Just like the hole on my face, I'm going to start by basing it out in orange, and then coming back in and covering it upwith black.

And then I'm going to detail the outline ofthe hole, keeping it an irregular shape, because it is more interesting to look atand is more believable as shattered porcelain that way.

After I've added white eyeshadow around allof the edges of the cracks, I'm also going to sweep it across my chestto make it more uniform.

And finally, I'm going to put the last crackacross my neck to kind of tie the other two crack together.

Feel free to add more cracks or fewer cracks.

The fun part is making it your own.

And now that I'm done breaking myself into pieces, my cracked porcelain doll look is done.

[screams] I think we can all agree that broken dollsare super freakin' creepy, but nothing is creepier than a broken POSSESSEDdoll! ON TO THE NEXT ONE! This look is inspired by these two imagesfrom Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark that haunted my childhood, my favorite scary doll makeup by Darla Edin, and bringing back a little bit of this makeupthat I did two years ago before I was even on YouTube.

There is nothing pretty about this possesseddoll makeup, so I'm going to start by taking off my lashesand removing my eyeshadow and lip color and evening that all back out with my whitecreme makeup and foundation mix.

Apply a lot of this product on the lips tocover up the color and also because the build up helps make your lipslook crackly and since we are straying far from beautifulhere, that is a good thing.

Then I am going to use a black eyeshadow todab along where the lips meet just to drain the life out of this charactera little bit more.

Then I'm going to cover the eye socket withblack body paint.

Really hollow it all out.

And then I'm going to come back along theedges with a black eyeshadow and just dab along the edges to make it alittle more messy looking.

I don't want this to look clean at all.

And then using a tiny detail brush I cameback in and did very light, like veiny kind of cracks coming out of thiseye socket.

And then I chose a few of those cracks togo over with black eyeshadow to smudge them out and really just make amess.

If you are wondering how I so delicately styledmy possessed doll wig, take your ringlet wig, flip it inside out,and shake it like the demon doll you are.

If you set the wig a little bit farther backon your head so the bangs are shorter, it'll help give that worn out, kind of oldneglected doll look.

I duno, then just be demon-y.

We're done! Thank you guys so much for checking this HalloweenDolls makeup tutorial.

I hope you liked it.

If you did, give it athumbs up! Make sure you subscribe to my channel so youdon't miss any of this year's Halloween videos.

Thanks again for watching.

I love you allso much! See ya next time! Bye!.

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