Halloween Doll Makeup Tutorial with Ingrid Nilsen | COVERGIRL

Halloween Doll Makeup Tutorial with Ingrid Nilsen | COVERGIRL

Oh, hello, everyone.

It's Ingrid, in case you can'ttell underneath all of this.

Halloween is right aroundthe corner, and it's always fun to get dressed up as someoneor something else for a night.

As CoverGirl's Glambassador, I getto try out new makeup all the time, so I'm going to be showing youhow to use some of my favorites from CoverGirl to createthis awesome doll look.

All righty, the firstthing I'm going to be using is the Outlast Stay Luminous foundation.

I love this foundation not onlyfor its luminous, dewy finish, but it gives greatcoverage and it's oil free.

I gotta say, this is a great basefor your makeup just in general, because it lasts for a really long time.

So on Halloween whenyou're out all night, this is going to glow thedistance, if you know what I mean.

Since I'm creating adoll look, I'm actually going to be using a shade that'slighter than what I normally go for.

So this is 810 Classic Ivory, andthat's going to give me that like, porcelain looking skin.

I'm going to be using my fingersto apply this all over my face.

I'm since I'm using a lightershade, I apply two layers to my face just so it stands out more.

Moving on to the eyes, this isthe focal point of the look, because we want big, bright,bold eyes, just like a doll.

To do that, I'm going to be using thisCoverGirl eye shadow quad, in Notice Me Nudes.

These eye shadow quadsare awesome, especially if you're going for adramatic look like this one.

They're super smooth and buildable, soyou can really build up the drama here.

And that's what we want.

I'm going to be using this first colorin the quad, which is the lightest one, and this is really goingto bring that shimmery brightness that we want to the eyes.

And for extra brightness,you can bring this color into the inner cornersof your eyes, too.

And I'm actually going to bring thiscolor down on to my lower lash line, as well.

And I'm going to makea fairly thick line, so it's kind of like where you wouldnormally apply under eye concealer.

And this is going to makethe eyes look bigger.

To create a little bitof depth, I'm going to be using the third color in thequad, which is a light brown color, and I'm going to applythis into the creases.

This is a great colorto use for your crease, because it doesn't havea ton of shimmer in it.

Matte colors create more depth,and shimmery colors really highlight and bring things out.

With the same brown color, I'm goingto create a small, light guideline underneath my eyes.

This is going to be the dull lash line.

This is going to make my eyes lookbigger than they actually are.

The goal here isn't to createa super dark, intense line.

This is just going tobe a guideline for me.

Next, I'm going to be using the PerfectPoint Plus eyeliner in black onyx.

This eyeliner is pretty great becauseit gives you control and versatility, so you can create a reallything, precise line, or you can switch things upwith a smudger on the end, and smudge things out for smoky look.

This is perfect for this look, get it? Because it's the Perfect Point Plus.

Because we need a mixture ofclean lines and smudged lines for all of the doll details,I'm going to start off by lining both of my upper lash lines.

Then I'm going to flip it over to thesmudger and just gently smudge it.

I'm not going for a super smoky effecthere, I just want to smooth it out.

Now I'm going to be creatingthe lower lash line.

And this is where the doll look isreally going to start to come together.

So I'm going to take myeyeliner and I'm going to draw where I want my lash line to be.

So it's going to be right above thisbrown line that I drew previously.

Right now, I'm placing mylashes where I want them, and I'll go over it withanother coat of eyeliner.

To finish off the eyes, I'm going tobe using the Super Sizer by Lash Blast mascara.

Dolls are known for theirbig eyes, so I'm definitely going to be using this to open upmy eyes for larger than life lashes.

Hash tag lash babe, am I right? On my lips, I'm going to beusing the Outlast Long Wear lipstick in the color Red Siren.

I have found that most long wearlip colors are really drying, so that's why I always go for this one.

Because it's superhydrating, it stays in place, and when you're going to be outall night, especially on Halloween, the last thing you want to do isworry about reapplying your lip color.

I'm actually going to make my lipslike, a little bit smaller and like, pouty looking.

To create this new lipshape, I'm using a lip brush so I can be a little bit more precise.

I'm going to start off by followingthe top of my natural lip line.

And then, instead of going allthe way to the corner of my mouth, I'm going to curve it in.

And as I rub my lipstogether like this, you'll see that I have a natural guideline forwhere I should create my bottom lips.

And now that I have thebasic shape, I'm just going to come in with some morecolor and make it really bold.

Now, for my cheeks, I'm actuallygoing to be using a lipstick as well.

And this is one of theCoverGirl Colorlicious lipsticks in the color Enchantress Blush.

This is a bright bubblegum pink color that's perfect for creating doll like cheeks.

So what I'm going to do it is,I'm going to take this lipstick and I'm just going to draw littlecircles on the apples of my cheeks.

And now I'm just goingto take my fingers and blend them out ever so slightly,but I want to keep that circular shape.

So that's it for themake up, and now I'm going to run off and put the finishingtouches on my doll look, so BRB.

Ta-daa! So, I put my hair up into pigtailsto create an easy doll look, and just wrapped someribbon around them.

And then I have thiswhite collared shirt.

So yeah, I hope you guysenjoyed this tutorial, and I would love to see itif you recreate this look.

By if dolls aren't yourthing, hopefully this inspires you to create your own look.

Make sure to send inyour photos on Twitter to me, [email protected]

Pretty easy breezy, right? Oh yeah , you gotta admit,that was a good one.

All right.

I'm going to get going.

Happy Halloween.

Stay safe.

Have fun.

Have an amazing time.

I love you.

Peace out.

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