Graduation Makeup Tutorial | Eng Sub | Molita Lin

Graduation Makeup Tutorial | Eng Sub | Molita Lin

First of all, I would like to apply primer and I'm mixing this two primer together Primer helps our makeup stay longer and since it's a graduation makeup we will wear makeup from morning till evening and we want our makeup stay fresh all day I want to use a light weight but still have a good coverage foundation I'm using the one from NARS As usual, put the foundation all over our face a small amount is what you need I'm using a sponge to achieve a more natural finished Don't forget our neck too Since this is a special occasion, I want to have a flawless complexion I want to conceal and highlight my under eye area using a concealer This is from The Saem, it has a high coverage but it's okay because we want our makeup look wonderful I have to say this sponge is so awesome.

Now my face look really flawless You can see through the camera it looks good, but in real life, it's pretty good too It gives an airbrushed finished.

I highly recommend you to try this thing out This is very good Now I want to contour my face first and I'm using MakeOver's palette and choosing this colour we wanna sculpt our cheek bone Don't forget to contour the jawline to make our face look slimmer Also our nose I've received some products from Mizzu and some of you requested me to do the review about it I'm gonna do the review about it while i'm applying my makeup I'm gonna start with eye makeup first but before that, we need to apply eye base and I like the eye base from Mizzu I think the eye base really helps the colour to show up more so if you want to purchase Mizzu's eyeshadow, you need to buy the eye base too I'm blending it with my fingers I have 2 palette from Mizzu and I'm gonna use the black one because the other one is too bright First, I'm choosing the black colour The other colours are pretty goo But the black one will fade to grey or dark blue after you apply it We want to apply the black colour at the crease I apply the black colour first it's because the colour won't show up if we apply the grey colour first I'm taking the grey colour and apply it on the centre of the lid The grey colour is pigmented.

I forgot something! I want to bake my face so that the powder will set my makeup and help my makeup stay matte all day Today I'm using loose powder from Ben Nye.

I bought this 2 years ago and it's still full Baking is like this.

Now we can continue to do our makeup You can curl your lashes and apply mascara now.

But suddenly I lost my lash curler I don't know what to do so I'm just gonna put on the falsies I'm using Mizzu's lashes.

it looks like this Although it looks thick but it doesn't hurt our eyes.

It feels comfortable After that, we want to tight line I'm not looking at the mirror, only at the camera as long as you know how to do it This is the long awaited part, I'm gonna use this Mizzu's smart liner Mizzu's is well known with the eyeliner and this is the newest product I've been using this for a while.

This is a good product because it's really black and long lasting It's quite smudgeproof The problem is you can't place it upside down When I put it like this, it dries up.

when I put it like this, it leaks So you have to place it straight down So far, it's really good and affordable too Take a blending brush and blend the eyeshadow that we just applied Now I want to highlight my inner corner using Mizzu's white eyeliner The texture is very creamy and the colour is just white After finish with eye makeup, we want to blend the powder that we baked earlier Now we want to do the eyebrow and I'm using Mizzu's eyebrow pencil in Caramel It's like a crayon.

If you like a strong brow, this product is NOT for you but if you like soft eye brow, you will like this product I also want to use some eye brow gel and I'm using the one from Mistine It's only available in Thailand so if you ask me where to buy, I don't know Because it's Graduation day, we want our lipstick stay longer and we need to draw it using lip liner I'm using GOSH lip liner that I bought from SASA singapore.

It's not available in Indo too.

I'm sorry ~ After lip liner, I want to apply a natural colour lipstick I'm using twinkle coral from my Laneige Palette After I know my lip colour, I will pick a blush that has the same colour as my lips I'm using Benefit's Dandelion, hmm still don't know how to pronounce it it looks like this.

very pretty Now our face look very matte so I want to use some highlighter so that our face look more glowy I'm using this.

It's my favourite.

It's so pretty We are done with the makeup.

Now I'm gonna let my hair down and change my outfit This is the final look.

I stole the hat and uniform from my sister Lastly I want to say congratulations to all of you I know you've work so hard for the thesis, lack of sleep and so much stress Now you have graduate.

I know it feels so good, happy and proud So enjoy your day, smile and take a lot of pictures That's all for this video.

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