Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Shaping Eyebrows with Powder

Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Shaping Eyebrows with Powder

For her eyebrows, I'm going to use a powder.

You can use a pencil.

You can use a colored brow gel.

Whatever, your personal preferenceis.

I like powders.

I think they are a little more natural and you have a lot of controlover how much you put on and control over the brush.

So I like to use a little anglebrush, and I'm going to use a kind of a dark brown powder, but I'm going to use it verylightly, so it's going to match her hair color almost completely.

So, I'm just going to givea lot of shape to her brows and a little bit of color.

She has a nice arch, but it's hardto see because her brows are so light.

So we really just want to accentuate it and itwill really shape her eyes.

Brows are very important to the shape of your face.

Especiallywhen you have your make-up done so pretty, you really don't want to forget out the brows.

Once you have a nice coat in, and you have your desired color, I like to take a browcomb and just comb through.

And it just knocks out all of the excess powder.

And it justshapes the brows.

At this point if you had unruly brows, you could use a clear brow gelto kind of comb through to keep them in place.

Her brows stay pretty nice, so I'm just kindof combing them through.

And you can see what a tremendous difference not doing the browsmakes to the shape of the face.

And that's kind of like the perfect eyebrow for thislook.

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