Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Purple Shadow to Gold Eyes

Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Purple Shadow to Gold Eyes

For the crease, I'm going to use a deep, kindof plumy metallic color because plums that are warm with a lot of brown in them go greatwith golds and bronzes.

So, this has kind of a gold fleck to it, so I'm going to usethis as her crease color, and it's going to look amazing and the colors are just goingto vibe together really well.

You could use, at this point, a deep brown, you don't haveto use a shimmer.

You could use a deep brown matte, or you could use a deep brown shimmer,deep bronzy color.

Or you could just do an eye liner and mascara and be done with it.

It's up to you.

I'm going to show you though how to do a nice crease with this color.

Forthe crease, you want to just dip the brush in lightly and go into the side of the eyein a sideways "v".

And you just want to keep adding and adding until you get your desiredcolor.

I don't want to make this too dramatic because this is also, this is a daytime intonighttime look, so we're just going to kind of contour so that it looks nice and blendedand polished.

We don't want it to be too dark and smoky.

So, little by little, I'm addingkind of to the end of the eye, not going too far because we still want to keep it highlightedunder the brow.

And we want to keep it darkest at the end of the eye, so it goes from lightto dark, and it's all blended together.



And be very patient.

Really get itright.

Use your brush to blend, blend, blend.

You don't always have to keep adding color.


And I'm also going to take this deep purple, and I'm going to go under the eyewith it; to keep everything balanced and to give it a little bit of a smoky feel.

So,with this, we're not using any blacks, we're not going too crazy dramatic.

And there we go.

That's the crease of theeye.

Source: Youtube