Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Pencil Eyeliner to Golden Eyes

Gold Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Pencil Eyeliner to Golden Eyes

So, even though we don't want it too dramatic,I still want it a little sexy, so I'm going to use a black eyeliner.

And it's a pencil;it's a soft coal pencil.

I'm going to go inside of her eye with it.

Because the golds arevibrant, they're not deep, it doesn't give as much of that sexy sultry look.

I'm goingto go right into her eye, very gently and softly with this pencil.

Just line the insideof her eye lightly with this black pencil.

And I'm just doing it in the outside corners.

Little by little, I'm just adding a little bit.

As you can see, I want it light here,and dark out there, and that's just going to give this really cool look to her eye.

And it's going to be very sexy and smoky but not overly dramatic.

You can notice alreadywhat a difference between the two.

And then, I'm also going to take this gold and I'm goingto just put it a little deeper on the inside corner of her eye.

So, I'm going to use abrush, a little angle brush, and I'm going to go right into the inside corner and reallydeepen that gold so that it stands out.

It stands out really bright.

Look at that.

Lookat that tremendous gold color.

It's beautiful.

And it goes from light to dark.

Look at thedifference that made from one eye to the next, just adding a little more gold to the eye.

This look is all about the gold, so you really want the gold to stand out.

How beautifulit looks as an eye shadow and an eyeliner.

Source: Youtube