Glowing Spring Makeup Tutorial | MeeraMemeP

Glowing Spring Makeup Tutorial | MeeraMemeP

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel,Spring is officially here and it's my second favourite season after summer so I'm prettyexcited.

I love wearing dewy fresh makeup so I've come up with this glowy makeup tutorial.

So if you want to see how I created this look then please keep watching.

My lips are slightly dry so I'm just applyingmy EOS lip balm For primer I'm using this Rimmel Lasting FinishPrimer – It's quiet a thick consistency so more than a primer I feel like it's a moisturiserbut it's nice for my dry skin and also it adds to the dewiness For foundation I'm mixing my Rimmel Lastingfinish foundation in the shade natural beige with my Mac face and body in c6.

The reasonI'm mixing both of these is because I like the glow the Mac face and body gives but it'snot full coverage and as I have a few blemishes to cover the Rimmel foundation will do thejob For concealer I'm using my trusted Maybellineanti age eraser eye concealer in nude and as always I'm using it to highlight the usualspots.

I'm then blending all the concealer out usingmy BB and I'm making sure I keep the product from spreading everywhere by bouncing thebeauty blender in the areas the product has been applied too I find apply a fairly thin layer of concealeron the under eye area and blending it out well to stops the concealer from creasing.

Next I'm going to be settling my under eyesusing my soap and glory Kick ass powder.

This adds to the brightening effect and a littlegoes a long way with this.

I'm not setting the other areas as I'll be adding more productto those areas later for a more glow.

for contour I'm taking this contour stickby Sephora in the shade tan.

And as I was applying it I realised the camera wasn't recordingannoyingly but I've just applied the contour to my temples, nose, Cupid's bow bottom ofmy lip and the hollow of my cheeks and again I'm taking my BB and blending that all out.

Now because this is a cream product it's so easy for the product to transfer everywhereso for the hollows of my cheeks I like to use the tip of my BB to work the product inas it's the narrowest part.

I'm also making sure I roll the blender upwards so that itcreates a slight gradient towards my cheekbones otherwise I'll have a line going straightup and down.

For my nose contour I'm using a concealerbrush to blend it in and then a beauty blender to get rid of any harsh lines.

Now the contour that I've used is very warmtoned and it looks slightly muddy a great trick is to apply a powder that is grey intone to stop the face looking muddy so I'm taking my collections eyeshadow in crushedwalnut and applying that just above the areas I've contoured.

This is actually a eyeshadowbut I've seen Kaushal beauty use it as a contour on her channel and I love the way it looksso I thought I'd give it a go and it actually works a treat Next I'm just filling in my eyebrows usingmy MAC eyebrow pencil in spiked and in going to fast forward through this as I do havean in depth tutorial on how I do my brows and I'll leave a link down below.

I used touse this eyebrow pencil all the time back in the day and I switched to the Brow wizby ABH and i definitely prefer the brow wiz I feel like the shades are more closer tomy own brow hairs.

So next on to the eyes yes i'm giving my Narseyeshadow primer a break and opting for this urban decay potion primer.

And I tried itbefore but didn't give it much rating for my oily eyelids but I've been reaching forthis a lot recently and i’m quiet liking it As always transition shade first so I'm applyingcrushed walnut just above my crease to create depth to my eye lids.

And I'm just blendingwith my fluffy blending brush until I'm happy with the intensity.

Next I'm taking this copper colour pop eyelinerin the shade get paid and I'm using it as a base for my eye shadow so I'm applying tomy entire eye lids using a flat brush.

This eyeliner dries soo fast so you have to bevery quick when working with it and it doesn't budge either so you want to make sure youhave it right the first time round.

Now just to create a bit more of a blend I'mtaking my crease brush again and applying colour pops bandit and this will just helpneaten everything up.

For the eyelids I'm taking this shade calledgame face also by colour pop and applying the pigment to my lids using my ring finger.

These metallic pigments work best when they're applied using the fingers.

Once I'm happy with that I'm going ahead andapplying my NARS Rue Bonaparte eye pencil to the waterline and this will just open upmy eyes.

It's not a a pure white it's a beige which I like because a pure white can endup looking fairly harsh.

I'm next taking crushed walnut and the colourpop pigment and just running that along my lower lash line to finish of the eyes.

BeforeI apply mascara.

Next for lashes in applying my Huda BeautyLashes in Samantha.

And because I'm not wearing top eyeliner I want to make sure the lashesare as close to my lash line as possible so I'm just taking this tweezer and pinchingmy own lashes with the falsies together.

So for mascara in using my Loreal Miss MangaPunky mascara and I'm just applying that to my bottom lashes.

So I'm just going to finish the face off andfor blusher I'm taking this BH cosmetics Glamours blush palette and applying a bit of both ofthis matte pastel blush and this shimmery coral blusher on top.

This palette is superpigmented so a little goes a long way, I'm always really careful when picking the productup onto my brush and I always make sure I tap away the excess.

Next for highlight I'm first going in withSunbeam by benefit and I'm just taking that in my cheek bones tip of my nose my Cupid'sbow and my brow bones.

I hadn't used this product in a while butI'm so glad I did for this tutorial because I remember how much I love it especially asa brow bone highlight Here I'm blending everything away using myfinger except for my brow bone where I'm using this flat eyeshadow brush.

Next to give my face that extra glow I'm takingthis Diamond Glow powder highlight by Artist couture in the shade YASSS! and using a fanbrush I'm applying that to my cheek bones look how beautiful his shade is its reallymade my cheek bones pop.

Anything that's left over I'm applying it to my t zone area.

For the lips I'm taking NYX Lipliner in naturalall over my lips followed by this Kiko cosmetics lipstick from their velvet matte range inthe shade strawberry pink And I'm topping that up with this nude lipglossby MAC called sweet persuasion.

So that's all for this tutorial, thank youfor watching this video and don't forget to give it a thumbs up.

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