Glitter ZOMBIE BOY Halloween Makeup TUTORIAL | Marvyn Macnificent

Glitter ZOMBIE BOY Halloween Makeup TUTORIAL | Marvyn Macnificent

hey you guys, welcome back to my channel as you can see, I'm a little bit 'spooky' today bc today's video is an halloween makeup tutorial I was inspired by Rick Genest, the 'zombie boy' but of course I also applied some Marvyn extras Ì hope you like this look & if so: enjoy watching! first you need something to brush through your brows and a glue stick like this next you brush your brows up and glue them on your skin by using the stick just go over your brows, so they're really fixed on your forehead & if you covered all of the hair in glue you take a blow dryer to let the glue dry faster next you take some loose powder to fix everything after that you repeat this procedure about 3-4 times & after it you can clean everything around the brows with a wet pad next I'm using this cocealer palette by MAC to cover them up in my skintone it's high coverage concealer, like camouflage and after it we fix it all with loose powder again so we can apply another layer with this red tone from another concealer palette the red will cover the blueish undertone of the hair which won't go away easily and after it we gonna fix it with loose powder again apply another layer of concealer & fix that as well and after that we will apply liquid foundation with another brush to get into the areas where the concealer couldn't get in bc of the texture works very well with liquid one last but not least we fix it with the 'Studio Fix' Powder and that's all for covering up the eyebrows for concealer I'm using the #12 by Kryolan for liquid foundation the E40 by Sigma next I'm using this black eye pencil called 'Smolder' and I outline the eyehole, related on a picture of Rick Genest, the 'official' zombie boy and I go a little bit higher than my brow to make the eyehole bigger next I'm using this black greasepaint by Kryolan with the #12 and I just feel in the whole part we just created next I'm applying 'Typographic' & 'Carbon' with the 'E55' Sigma brush and fix the greasepaint bc otherwise it would smear very easily for the inner parts of my eyes I'm using the same eye pencil and after I change the contour a little bit I'm going to use the same pencil to draw on the nose & I start a little bit smaller and get bigger in steps so I can make sure that my nose is straight & pointy & not a curved mess when I'm happy with the outline I'm going to fill everything in with the black greasepaint and fix it with the black eyeshadow as well next I'm using my liquid foundation to cover up my lips grab my gel-eyeliner 'Blacktrack' & this pointy brush #211 by MAC and draw on the line where my top & bttm teeth would meet when the mouth's closed bringing it from the corner of my mouth in direction ears trying to work as symmetrical as possible next I'm taking an angled brush like the #263 and draw on a line where my natural cheekbones are and also under it for the jaw bone I guess anatomy.

hope that was correct next I'm going over it with 'Blacktrack' to built up the contrast this eyeliner is pretty pigmented & won't smear like an eye pencil even tho you can still blend it in the beginning right before I continue blending with the eyeshadows using my black & grey eyeshadow with my #219 which is a pointy brush as well to built up a 3-dimensional skeleton after blending I always go back into the dark lines with blacktrack in case they were softened by the blending next it's the same procedure for the part on the other side extending the lines with 'blacktrack' blending with eyeshadows back to my nose – bc if we can't define eyebrows we must define the nose at least sharp lines? that's why I went back in with foundation to define the tip right before I go back to clean the outline of the eyes with 'blacktrack' for teeth I'm starting off drawing a line in the middle of my face underneath my nose & continue drawing the lines where my natural teeth would sit next I'm going back in with the 'backtrack' eyeliner to define the lines and draw my teeth a little bit curvy to make them more realistic I also make the roots of the teeth a little bit smaller by using the eyeliner for a little bit more contour I extend my jaw bone using the greasepaint from one ear to the other it's the part where basic bitches would stop applying foundation eventho you always go down your neck! & you're doing this right now with the greasepaint but JUST for this halloween look not in your daily life.

thanks for blending I use the #221 & a little bit of grey & blackeyeshadow no harsh lines – must be smooth! back to the teeth: I'm using a grey eyeshadow & the #219 for blending the roots to make the look more realistic & after that I just fill in the darkest areas with a black eyeshadow next I'm drawing this line to make my face appear thinner afterwards I'm blending with 'backtrack' & the eyeshadows right before I remove my old jaw bone bc I wanted to create a more realistic one & bc we don't want this to be a basic zombie boy makeup tutorial I'm going to use 2 different loose pigments called 'Reflects Transparent Teal' & the right one called 'Reflects Transparent Pink' which I need to mix with the 'Mixing Medium' to apply it it's better to use a small brush like the #8 by Kryolan & after that I'm going back in with the eyeliner bc some parts were softened bc of the blending next I'm going to draw a new line parallel to the old one using the eyeshadow 'COPPERPLATE' with the #12 by Kryolan to blend everything – same procedure as before with the same eyeshadows & I know we don't got skin on our eyes anymore I'm using the loose pigment in '3D Lavender' and applying it on the whole 'lid' then blend it out like a smokey eyes – also on the bttm part for lashes I'm using extreme ones bc our eye holes are so big – we can afford it! 😉 bttm ones are the #36 top ones are a few different ones glued together and apply them with my 'DUO with Vitamins' adhesive next you I continue with the eyehole & create some cracks so the skeleton looks a little bit more granny like & if you still got some space you can draw on a brain my forehead is a liittle bit bigger so I still have enough space that I mean.

brain? for the lines I'm using the #211 & apply 'blacktrack' in the darkest areas again – like before! next I create a little cute spiderweb on my ears bc zombie boy got it too #downforhim after that I contour everything via blending with the eyeshadows again using almost all of the brushes that I've already used don't forget to blend into your hair line to receive a more 3dimensional look & also blend the spider web and on your forehead drawing over all dark areas with 'backtrack' again did some contour via blending with the dark eyeshadows again and for highlight I'm using 'Emphasize' applying it to the highest points in my face for example the high points of my brain or the areas around my eye holes next I'm going back in the teeth with the eyeliner and also create a clean dark eye hole outline – that's it! so that's all for today's halloween makeup tutorial I hope you guys liked it – if so: thumbs up <3 I enjoyed creating this look so much, eventho I thought that I'm not really into halloween make up never did a look like this before – ever! was the first time, you're live watching it! ''live''.

or so if someone of you recreates this look feel free to tag me so I can like & comment and now I'd say HOLD ON GUYS! I'm back again with another halloween make up look – as you can see! with the lovely Melissa from 'BreedingUnicorns' & if you like this look as well, go check it out link in the description box or on her face go there: like & subscribe because no kidding, she's the mermaid.



things blankets! oh my god, you can speak – I always forget! a little bit.

well, go check it out & we'll see each other in my next video byye!:) <3.

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