Glam Soft Smokey + Classic Red Lip Makeup Tutorial

Glam Soft Smokey + Classic Red Lip Makeup Tutorial

Hello girls, I'm Mar and today I have a new video for you.

I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone, let me tell you that I feel very crazy and I chose a super dark.


but a super bright red lips with this and a nearly dark eyes and feel it is too much makeup for me.

But I do not know, let me know what you think, if they like.

I was just trying, like playing with makeup.

I think it's a glamorous look, I got a lot illuminator, that's how I felt today.

I do not know.

I have no explanation for this.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

And if so please do not forget to give a hand up and NEWSLETTER Subscribe They can just click on that little Boten down there And yes, let's begin! Well, we'll start with my flat white face.

And here I am with some sunscreen, that's why I look whiter than normal But now I'll use this balm moisturizing and illuminating Bobby Brown And I love this so much my skin hydrated and gives extra shine which I love because my skin is too dry.

Now for the base, I'll use this liquid base of Urban Decay "All Nighter" And this is number 7 is in fact the first time I taste it.

And let me tell you I'm in love.

This base is very good, just I put a little bit and coverage is beautiful I think I'll use it a lot in future videos.

For the correction could not be wrong and I will use my good concealer Makeup Forever And I'll use in the area under my eyes, in fact it is the only area where use concealer And yes, that's all Then I'll be using this sealant loose powder Laura Mercie And this is translucent.

And I'll use this beauty blender to apply.

What I'm doing is "baking" My face just a little So you can see so much dust in the area under my eyes.

While I have that "being baked," I decided to go to fill my eyebrows.

And I'm using the eyebrow pencil "Goof Proof" Benefit Here I am filling my eyebrows a little darker than normal I was looking forward to having a little more thick eyebrows but it was just how I felt that day Once I finished with it, and will remove the remaining dust will add some powders "MAC Studio Fix" in the rest of my face That is the dust that use almost all the time.

And in fact I'll be adding a little more volume to my eyebrows and for that I will use the "Gimme Brow" Benefit Now, I will outline my face and for that I will use my favorite which is the Hoola bronzer of Benefi And I really felt like to have a look super, super, super tan So I put a lot girls bronzer, really, I think I ended up as 3 shades darker And at this point I realized that I had forgotten to put my eyelids prebase Which I like to do before making my eyes makeup So I used some of my "Primer Potion" Urban Decay Now for the flush, I decided to use Coralista just because I felt that it worked with tanned vibrates above him I do not know, I felt that it worked.

I decided to skip the highlights and spend in front of the eyes And I'll use this "Mad from Matte" ELF And I will choose the lighter color they have, which is quite.


As vanilla hue and is super mate, and I'll put all my eyelid Then I will go with this makeup palette "120" BH Cosmetics And they have so many colors and was looking for a brown guy who had something reddish tones And honestly this was not, it seems more purple When I applied so I'm still looking for the perfect shade If any idea what I'm talking about please recomiéndenme shadows can use.

It's like a medium brown with a reddish below Or something like that.

But what I ended up doing is mixing the shadow with a little brown And I'm building a little on the outer fold of my eye.

And I want it to look super blur, so much so mix them all estará.

Ya know.

Dithering to my eyebrows.

I also did the same in the bottom line of my eyelashes, so I opted for this medium purple or wine And then did the same with brown so.

I think the makeup of my eyes was like a rare tonalities only because I could not find the color you want But, you know, that's what I ended up doing and I think it worked pretty.

Also down the line I outlined my lashes with this "Walk of Shame" Urban Decay eye opener and not make this look very smokey look I wanted it to be something you can use day and night but not really guess Now here comes the drama and my Lilly Lashes and these are in Mykonos, this is basically my favorite style and I used as 6 times and this is the last, I threw them away as they have come a long way And then I wanted something super bright on the inside of my eyes So I chose this color super white of my palette Anastasia And I'm adding a little of this illuminator Ofra.

Right there on the inside But I'm only using the white part of the illuminator.

I also decided to add an outline to my eyes do not know why I feel that it would have looked much better without him So if you're recreating this look I would suggest skipping the outline but, yes, I did not and there was no return after that.

Then I will go to the mask And you know I will add in my eyelashes up and down also And now when the illuminations so I will use my Sun Beam by Benefit because they know I was super tanned and I decided to opt for it.

I wanted to get many illuminations So you mix everything and then used again, my illuminator Ofra This time I used all But first I used the medium tans and then lighter colors, putting on my cheeks For that, you know, better reflect light.

I love this illuminator, I highlighted much It is something I knew I definitely wanted to use these matte lipsticks Makeup Forever Rouge Artist I said maybe super bad but you know what I mean, these lip I chose this red which is the one that caught my attention It's my favorite color of the collection And I'm not 100% sure I was going with my eyes makeup being completely honest I had to use because I loved but looking at it now I think I should choose a darker red tone, but still had to use this lip And there you have it girls, if they recreate this look Please share it with me for my Instagram, so I can give like And I'm sure it will look much better on you than me I do not know, I feel very crazy, it makes me want to go to wash my face and But perhaps when editing this video I feel better with this I do not know hahaha.

Anyway, thank you very much to see and see in the next video.


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