Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial Reaction

Girl Goes Psycho During Makeup Tutorial Reaction

YO WHAT'S UP GUYS ? AND THIS IS REACTION TIME! *laughs* Alright guys today we are gonna.

[laughing] *laughs* Alright guys today we are going to be watching "Girl goes psycho during a makeup tutorial" Is it the good kind of psycho like the hot kind of psycho? There is no such thing as a hot kind of psyc- What are you talking about? I guess you dont watch what I watch *laughs* how is she gonna go psycho? Is she gonna like start like stabbing people *laughs* lowkey that's kind of hot though What? Did you just say that's kind of hot? What no I didn't just start the video As always lets put on our glasses Why don't I get glasses? you don't get glasses bro we've been through this two videos already two videos You don't, like, no (video): Hi everyone! Here's your homegirl Nikki – (Tal): Wasup girrrll!- (friend): I'm so gangstaaa! (Nikki): What I like to do is always use my amazing.

– (Tal): There's so many of those on Youtube- (friend): I know.

– (friend): Ah, this is like.

– (Tal): Bro, listen to her tips! – (Tal): This is free learning- (friend): I thought you said t*ts for a minute – (Tal): No! [laughs]- (friend): I was like, "they don't talk.

" (Nikki):.

looks prettyyyyyyy! – (friend): Oh my goooooodddddd you look so prettyyyyyyy! [repeating] Oh my goooooodddddd you look so prettyyyyyyy! Prettyyyyyy! [repeating].

so pretttyyyyyy! That looked like a psycho ward.

– (Nikki): Work it.

– (friend): Aight, work it girl! Work it! Work it for me.

(Tal): What're you doing (Nikki):.

final touch, and I like to use [long beeeeep] – (Tal): I like her teeth- (friend): What the.

what? (Nikki): Yep, we're just gonna get started on our mascara.

(friend): Alright what the hell was that? (Nikki):.

start at the base, and move my way inside.

– (friend): Wait, I'm still, why does she have.

(Tal): Yeah, what was that, dude? [spooky sustained note in video, Nikki silent] – (friend): Yo, lowkey what the.

– [sustained note gets more dissonant] [*THUD*] – (friend): WOOWWW! WOOW!- [Tal spits out water] [*THUD*] [*THUD*] – [static audio hum]- [THUD] [Tal laughs] [slow mo] W-O-O-O-O-W! [Tal LOL's] WTF?! WTF was that?! [Tal continues LOL'ing] [Tal snickers and giggles] (Tal): [while laughing] I'm sorry bro (friend): [weakly] make sure to like and subscribe.

Where're you going? Bro-o! I'm sorry!.

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