Get Ready with Me! VidCon 2016 Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL & Tori Sterling

Get Ready with Me! VidCon 2016 Makeup Tutorial | COVERGIRL & Tori Sterling

Hey, guys.

I'm Tori Sterling here on YouTube.

And with VidCon justaround the corner, I wanted to give you guysa fun little video on how to survive VidCon and some tipsI have picked over the years while attending VidCon.

Now, actually, last year, Iwas the Discover Girl winner, and that contest actuallyhappened at VidCon.

So I have a very dear placein my heart for VidCon.

And even though I'm notgoing to be attending this year because ofhigh school graduation and my graduation partyand the senior class trip, I still want to give you guys a lotof tips and pointers for VidCon, because it is an amazing experience.

And I'm so saddened that I can't go.

But I definitely want to give youguys my little tips and tricks to make it the best possible.

So of course, I'm going to be talkingabout makeup, because what else do I talk about with my life? At VidCon or any other festival or longday event, it's normally really hot.

And if it's not hot, you'rerunning out and you're sweating.

So regardless, you're going tohave a good base for your makeup so that it doesn't slipand slide everywhere.

You're also going to betaking a ton of pictures, so you're going to want your makeupto look good in the pictures as well.

So for this, I'm using the Clean MatteBB Cream as an oil-free foundation.

And it reduces shine tocreate a smooth, matte finish.

And this one is reallycool, because it actually has a combination of pigment and powderto cover imperfections and diffuse the light.

So the skin looks soft and flawless.

Also, it's really, reallylightweight and natural-looking.

And as you guys cansee, I do have sunburn, because I was just at the beach.

But I have sunburn, and itcovered up really, really nicely.

So it's very lightweight,but has amazing coverage.

Next up, big lashes– thisis the game changer, people.

So for this, I'm using the COVERGIRLSuper Sizer Fibers Mascara.

And since everyone, likemyself, wants long lashes– I don't always have time betweenfalse flashes and two step systems.

And extensions I tried,but that was a mess.

So I'm just sticking with the solutionthat works, and that's mascara, honey.

So I really like theSuper Size Fibers Mascara.

It gives me the look of fake lashes.

And they look full and long.

And I really love this mascara.

It adds a ton of volumeand length to my lashes.

This also containstiny little fibers that attach to my lashes that willdramatically extend them.

And of course, the last tipis to show off your smile.

I cannot tell you how manyVicCon pictures I look at where I wasn't smiling, and I'mlike– what was I doing? So smile.

Trust me, it really helps.

What helps a smile look evenbetter is amazing lipstick, because let me tell you, girl,when I have a good lipstick, I want everyone to see it.

So I'm gonna be smiling all day.

I'm using the COVERGIRLKaty Kat Matte lipstick.

But Katy Perry actually createda collection with Covergirl.

And these lipsticks are a part of that.

So it's a demi-matte formula thatdelivers great color pay off.

It's moisturizing,and it's super smooth.

And the finish glides on super easily.

So I'm in love with it.

It's also the perfect balanceof matte and moisture, with just a touch ofsheen and a soft feel due to the ingredients like sheabutter, aloe, and avocado butter.

I also like to just dab this on mylips and then pat off my fingers so I get a really big effect.

It makes my lips looka little bit bigger.

So once your face is poppingand girl, you are on point, now, let's move on to other tips.

Comfortable shoes– Icannot stress this enough.

You guys need to wear comfortable shoes,because there have been so many times I run around in my little stilettoheels, and by the end of the day, I don't– I don't even makeit to the end of the day.

By the middle of the day,I'm like switching shoes with my mom, who's the smartone and wears flats or sneakers.

So I would highly, highly recommendto wear comfortable shoes.

If you can be comfortable inheels, girl, all the power to you.

I wish I could do that.

But I can't.

So I always like to optfor– like last VidCon, I wore Converse all the time, OK? Like that's howcomfortable you need to be.

My last tip is to have a game plan.

VidCon is so hectic, and thereare so many different things going on all at the same time.

So you need to plan it out with yourfriends or plan out who you want to see and if it clashes with anythingelse, because you definitely want to get the most out of your weekend.

So if you schedule outwhat you want to do, you're going to be ableto accomplish everything.

Also, if you guys are going tobe at VidCon this year, please check out the COVERGIRL booth.

It's going to be amazing.

They're going to actually have theKaty Kat house, which is so cute.

And it's going to be really fun haveamazing activities going on all weekend long.

There's going to be a jifbooth, gif booth, however you guys want to say that.

And those are my favorites.

They are seriously so fun.

I literally have somany saved on my phone.

Those are the best ones ever.

There's also going tobe a meet and greet with Ingrid Nilsen, which is so cool.

I love Ingrid.

I've met her before.

She is super, super sweet.

There's also going to beat mini make overs where you guys can try out these lipsticks.

And let me even tell you guys the shade.

This one is called PinkPaws– really, really cute.

So you guys can trythis out at the booth.

I want to know if you guys aregoing to be going to VidCon, so be sure to leavea comment down below.

And also be sure to tweet @covergirl ifguys are going to be going to VidCon.

But above everything that I justsaid, my absolute number one tip that I think is mostimportant is to have fun.

VidCon is a time whereyou're going to have so many memories for the rest of yourlife that you're going to cherish.

You're going to meet so many friendsthat are going to be lifelong friends and maybe people you've never evenmet before that you never knew you could connect with on any level.

So I wish you guys allthe best this year.

And have so much fun at VidCon.

I'm gonna be jealous of all you guys.

I'm gonna be live tweeting the wholething wishing that I was there.

So I hope you guys allhave an amazing time, and be sure to look out for meon COVERGIRL's YouTube channel, because I will more videoscoming out very soon.

Bye, guys.

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