Get Ready with Me: Natural Vegan Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial

Get Ready with Me: Natural Vegan Cruelty-Free Makeup Tutorial

Hey it's Whitney from EcoVeganGal.

Com andin this video I'm gonna show you my natural makeup routine.

This is something that youcan wear during the day or at night whenever you want to glam it up.

I've partnered withVegan Cuts to share these beauty tips.

So come along with me and let me show you showyou some of my favorite cruelty free products and how to use them.

First I use a concealer.

I put that undermy eyes, under my nose, and on top of any blemishes on my face.

Today I'm using onefrom Nouveau's pallet.

Next I blend that in with a foundation and this liquid foundationis from Glam Natural.

I love adding bronzer and blush.

I have a whole video about blush.

In this video, I'm using Emani and as for bronzer, I'm using one from Pacifica's pallet.

You wanna make sure you blend in your blush and your bronzer really well to make themnatural.

You could put a little bit more on at night for a little bit more extreme lookand a little less for your day look.

You could also put some bronzer at the top of your forehead.

Down your nose.

Where ever you want to make it look like the sun has been hitting you.

I like to add on my finishing powder next.

Be sure to check out the other video on thistopic.

Today I'm using one from Gourmet Body Treats and this just helps smooth out everythingand complete the look.

Next I put on my eyeliner.

My favorite coloris dark brown and today I am using one from Pacifica which glides on so well and has anice look to it.

I love playing around with different eye shadow colors.

I usually startoff with a darker shade on my crease so I'm using one from Pacifica and then I add ina lighter color on the actual eyelid or something a little bit more bold.

So I'm using a goldfrom Pacifica as well as this great purple shade from Emani.

Then I blend it all in witha really light color like a pink using Pacifica this time.

Mascara is next but before I addthat on, I'm gonna curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler.

After that I'm puttingon a nice brown mascara from Glam Natural.

Last but not least, I tie the whole look togetherwith a lipstick from Emani.

These are just so sweet and natural and there's a few differentshades to pick from depending on what look you are going for whether it's bold or moresubtle.

You can find all of these products at VeganCuts.


The links are right down below in the YouTube description field.

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Thank you so much for watching.

I'm Whitney and I will see younext time.


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