Galaxy makeup tutorial

Galaxy makeup tutorial

Hi! I'm going tomorrow to Turku (city in Finland) to spend my friend farewells because she's moving away unfortunately.

And I thought I should come and tell you about my traveling because due this trip, videos will not come to my channel for some time.

I think that I'm going to be at Turku for about a week so there is going to be one or two weeks break.

In my opinion it's better to tell you this in advance, rather than afterwards.

And today while I was thinking am I really going to come and only say like "Hey, I'm going to Turku and there aren't going to be any videos bye".

I figured that I could do a makeup tutorial once again.

And today I felt like I want to paint something so I crabbed my Cameleons Face & Bodypaint and did this galaxy makeup I hope you like this tutorial which I'm going to start now and we'll see again on my next video! Okay so I have this quite light makeup base on my face (facial cream, foundation and powder).

And this makeup is composed almost entirely from these Cameleons Face & Bodypaints so I just take different shades and start painting myself.

Now this makeup is otherwise finished, but I'll put a little bit of Sugarpills eyeshadows on the top to get some shimmer effect and then I put blue contact lenses on.

And now this makeup is done.

So this is the result of this makeup and I don't know about you guys but I really like this look.

These colours are really nice and anyway I think this work was a success.

Although that doesn't change the fact that I wish this washes off easily so I don't have to go to the train station tomorrow looking like this.

But anyway that's all for now, we'll see again on my next video.

Bye !.

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