Full Cover Makeup Tutorial for Acne ft. The Face Shop

Full Cover Makeup Tutorial for Acne ft. The Face Shop

It’s been a while since I’ve done a makeup tutorial so I wanted to share this look today.

It’s a one brand tutorial featuring The Face Shop.

First, I’m going to use this pore smoother.

I like this because it creates a smooth canvas for my foundation! I’m sure many of you have seen this product because The Face Shop is quite famous for this dual veil concealer.

There’s both a stick and a liquid concealer on each end (which I find very convenient) I personally prefer the stick (over the liquid) so I’m using it here to cover up my acne scars.

And I’m pretty impressed by the coverage and how long-lasting it is! Next, I’m going to use this stick highlighter to highlight my nose and of course, cheekbones! I accidentally apply too much sometimes, but no problem! When that’s the case, just blend with your fingers.

We can’t forget the contour! I prefer using powders, but when I want a natural contour, I like to use this underneath my foundation.

You can use these multisticks after foundation, but this is just how I like to do it.

To blend, I’ll use my current favorite cushion.

This is the cc cushion intense cover and boy, I’m seriously impressed by the coverage and how long lasting it is! To set my makeup, and to control the sebum, I’m using the oil clear blotting powder! It comes with this white puff, but I prefer using a brush like this.

I also like using this powder as a primer for my eyes! Okay, so another one of my favorite makeup products from The Face Shop is this cushion blush in 02 coral.

I love this because it provides a natural radiance to the skin.

And it does NOT accentuate my dry skin! Moving on to my eyes, I’m going to use this 4 color shadow palette in number 1 Wearing Gold.

I’m only going to use two colors today.

Using the lightest color, apply all over the lids.

For the outer, use the darkest color and blend!I like to keep it very simple.

Now, it’s time for mascara! I haven’t been using an eyelash curler lately because I use all three of these for volume, curling, and long lash! To finish off my eye makeup, I’ve been using this inkgraffi brush pen line in number 2 ink brown.

I heard 2000 of these are sold a day and i can understand why because I love the clean look it creates.

Many of you guys always comment on how fast I apply eyeliner and I simply just draw a line and fill it in.

To match my hair color, I like to use a browcara.

This one has a trinangualr shaped applicator, which makes it easy to fill in.

I kind of want to dye my hair again or at least my roots, but I don’’t know.

Should I change it up for the fall? Let me know in the comments! Finally, to finish off the look, I’m using the collagen ampoule lipstick in signature red.

And I heard Suzy carries this in her pouch! This color can be intimidating, BUT I love how it depends on how you apply it.

You can wear it light or layer it up like I did! And that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

If you wanna see more, give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you in my next one.


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