Frosty HOLIDAY GLAM Makeup + GLITTER LIPS Tutorial | Marvyn Macnificent

Frosty HOLIDAY GLAM Makeup + GLITTER LIPS Tutorial | Marvyn Macnificent

hello and welcome back on my channel today it's all about this makeup look a frosty winter makeup look if you're interested in this then just keep on watching it's tutorial time as you can see I've already applied my foundation & brows that's why we're jumping right into the eyeshadow primer this one is the 'too faced – shadow insurance' and apply it on my whole lid to protect my foundation for fall out I'm applying the MAC 'invisible' powder it's important if you don't wanna sparkle in your whole face for the eyeshadow base I'm using this blush yas, it's a blush – used to be more tanned than now.

but I love the color – it's from Flormar and called and I'm applying it with the Sigma #E55 same brush, 'Cranberry' eyeshadow, and blend it onto the middle and outer corner of my eyes using the #217 by MAC and the eyeshadow 'Embark' for the crease and outer corner defining it with the #221 and the eyeshadow 'Carbon' blending it together with 'Cranberry' again applying the 'Oh Darling' Highlighter by MAC with the #12 by Kryolan for the brows & the #219 by MAC for the inner corner of my eyes for the bttm eye part I'm using the same colors from the lightest one on the inner corner to the darkest on the outer one blending the highlight and eyeshadow together with the #221 again gonna glam it up with applying the loose pigment 'Pink' by MAC mixed with the 'Mixing Medium Water Base' using the #16 by Kryolan for my top and the #8 for bttm part of my eyes If you're ready with the eyeshadow, just remove the loose powder to fix everything – especially the glitter – I'm using the Urban Decay Setting Spray in 'Oil Control' for my eyeliner I'm using the 'Liquid Ink' by Essence & my #211by MAC & #E06 by Sigma & guys let's pray together I've recorded the same makeup look yesterday but had some trouble with the technology that's why I'm recording this again right now but yesterday my eyeliner was so.

& I'm hoping for a good liner day today too! you know this if you're a makeup addict as well you've got a good eyebrow & eyeliner day or not so.

so that's for the liner – I'm kinda satisfied it's so difficult to keep it simple and small – bc it get's bigger so easily but keep it little?.

#struggleisreal so next I'm applying the 'Smolder' eye pencil putting on my 'Extended Play Gigablack Lash' mascara & apply my #34 falsies with the 'DUO Vitamins Adhesive' going back in my contour with 'Sculpt' again & applying my 'Peachykeen' blush right after using my #187 Duo Fibre brush by MAC btw applying my highlighter 'Oh Darling' with the #184 brush & putting on my 'Viva Glam III' lipstick bc I did overdraw my lips generously I need to clean up dat lip contour 'Pro Longwear Concealer' & number #12 by Kryolan and there we go most of you would probably stop now but I'm always down for some special effects I don't like basic stuff so I'm taking this pink 'Pink' pigment – seemed weird to me, but YAS 'Pink' pigment by MAC & my #16 by Kryolan and apply it on my lips but before I mix it with the Mixing Medium – duh fixing everything with the Urban Decay Setting Spray one more time and that's it for the makeup tutorial – feel free to give this video a thumbs up & subscribe especially bc I recorded this twice now, just for you guys so don't forget your thumbs up & feel also free to comment down below follow me on Snapchat, Twitter.

Twitter come by! Instagram – always down for that! feel free to follow me everywhere – sorry but need to advertise a little bit take care of yourself – we'll see each other next sunday, maybe even earlier if everything goes well & that's it, stay safe & I love you guys oh & I've forgot to remind you on my 10% off coupon for sigma products which is valid till end of the year 2015 so If you wanna shop at sigma: now's the time! feel free to use the coupon code & link to the online shop in the description box that's what I've just wanted to add quickly.

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