Fear of Holes Makeup Tutorial | Special FX Series (CC)

Fear of Holes Makeup Tutorial | Special FX Series (CC)

Just a heads up, there is a little bit of "blood" in this video and a little bit of fake gore If the sight of holes makes you feel queasy, you might want to sit out on this one Please just be aware.

(music) Good evening.

In this tutorial I am going to be going over the "fear of holes" Those were supposed to be quotes, my fingers did not want to work, haha! I actually started to research the fear of holes and the inter web told me that this is like a new phobia that developed amongst human beings in like the 2000's.

The fear has to do more with things that are actually poisonous, or actually dangerous that have holes in them, which makes objects that are not dangerous, like pancake batter, scary.

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If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to contact me! I am going to show you guys two different spots.

One, down here because its more of a smooth texture, and then I am also going to show you on my hand because it does make a difference when you actually have lines and pores and etc.

On your forearm, its more like.


For this tutorial I am going to be using modeling wax, which you guys can see I have used.

a lot.

And there are a zillion different brands of wax.

You guys can find this anywhere at a Halloween store.

Mine is from Graftobian, which you can find online.

Yes, there are differences in different brands of wax so it's up to you, and you will see the consistency is slightly varying.

For this tutorial, we are going to assume you want this to last all night long, so I am going to start off by applying some Pros-Aid [adhesive] to where I am going to apply the wax to.

You can also use spirit gum for this step.

You then are going to take a good size ball of wax, and make sure you have makeup remover or Vaseline, something slippery on your finger tips, that way you'll be able to work with it, and it won't stick to your fingertips I am then flattening it out.

Trying to get it about as big as I want it.

into a pancake.

You then are just going to stick it onto your skin.

Add a little more Vaseline on your fingertips.

or finger nails.

and you should be able to smooth it right into your skin.

You can also use a [makeup] spatula, but you can also get a lot done just smashing your finger tips on it.

Don't feel like this is something that you have to rush literally, just mess with it! Unless you do have to rush, and do have to get out the door, in which case, I don't know what to tell ya.

I'm then going in with a spatula that has a little Vaseline on it, and just going over the entire patch.

Using the back of a makeup brush, and a little bit of Vaseline, I am then just going to create the holes.

You can make them as spaced out, or close together as you want.

I personally think the effect looks much cooler if you have them pretty close Make sure you do go all the way out to the edges, don't be afraid! Any edges you may have lifted from poking the holes in it, you can smooth out with a [makeup] spatula.

If you're REALLY careful, you can probably use your finger tips, but.


So it's not sticky, and ready to paint, I am then going to be applying my color powder foundation.

To add the "blood" I am using an alcohol based makeup, and just going around the edges first, and this is with a darker, more dried blood looking color.

I personally like my "blood" to be very dark looking anyways, I don't like it to be super bright like ketchup.

Now realistically, you can leave it here if you want, but I am going to fill some of these in with a regular blood tone color, just to make it look like they are brand new and blood is coming up from them.


(creepy) Now here's the difference if you actually do something on your hand, or where there is texture, pores in your skin, wrinkles in your skin.

I mean, technically you have skin texture everywhere, its just not as prominent.

I am first applying my Pros-Aid.

Then once again scooping up some wax with Vaseline, or makeup remover, Just like before, I am once again smoothing it out over my hand.

I am then going to be taking a thin object, in this case it is the needle from my airbrush, and just very carefully adding some skin texture around the edges.

For this application, since we're applying so many holes, it's not going to really matter towards the middle, it's more so blending the edges into your regular skin texture.

PRO TIP: You guys can also use different things that have "skin" like the skin of an orange, and press that on the wax to give yourself a stamp of "skin texture.

" You guys can almost barely see the edges on my palm itself, other than it being shiny right now.

Just like the other application, I am going to go in and poke all of my holes.

Because the skin on my palm is differently colored than the skin on my forearm I am going to be ripping out.


from a sponge to help give me that veiny texture.

I am then going in with a more "blush" tone to match the redness of my hand.

This is the alcohol based paint.

I am then just once again filling in all of the blood in all of the holes.

IF by chance you guys want the holes to look REALLY deep, you can add a little bit of black at the bottom.

Once you have the techniques down, you can pretty much put it wherever you want! You can actually make an entire look out of it! For any effects videos, the only thing I request is that you don't actually wear this out in public NOT on Halloween Please don't use fake injuries to legitimately scare a little old lady into an ambulance or something.


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