Fall Makeup Tutorial with Colorlicious Gloss

Fall Makeup Tutorial with Colorlicious Gloss

Hey babes, Thank you so much for watching.

Today I'mshowing you a dressy FALL makeup routine.

Lots of maroon, cranberry, raspberry accents,wine — this nail polish is actually called "wine to five", and I love it.

and I hopeyou love this video.

Are you making any changes to your fall makeuproutine?? Please let me know and of course include requests in the comments below! Alright, let's do this.

To start, I'm using my favorite neutrogenaprimer and mac studio fix fluid – always and forever.

Now, to get a more in depth skintutorial or to learn why I never start with a perfect matching base — click on one ofthese videos.

And, of course, any questions? Leave themin the comments below.

I love love love a flat top brush or a sponge– those are my favorites for blending without missing out on coverage Next up a little bit– or, actually, a lota bit — of neutrogena undereye concealer.

always dabbing, never rubbing, for max pandacircle disguise, without pulling on your eyes Now, a little bit goes a very long way forprimer — I'm using a teensy amount of urban decay for the hint of shimmer and color, but– as a warning — know that this is very hard to blend on top of, so sometimes I skipthis altogether.

Now for shadow.

First I'm carefully packing in some "carbon"just around my eyelids for drama.

You'll see that the primer really picks up every singlestroke – which can be good or it can be kinda bad.

And then I'm layering over it with "sketch"– and pulling it up, all the way around the outer crease and on the outer half of my eyelid.

Now, I'm going over and around all that with"cranberry" – hello dimension, hello pop of color — don't be scared, we'll clean thisup and tone down in just a bit.

Now I'm filling in my whole lid with "Folie"- cleaning as I go, you should always be cleaning as you go.

And then I'm really opening upthe look by brushing a shimmery mix of "shroom" and "era" from the inner cornersof my eye lids and working my way out.

And then for highlight, just "shroom" around mytear ducts, beyond the outer lashlines and along the brow bones.

Last but not least,warming up the look with mosaic around the contour.

Now Blend blend blend with a cleanfluffy brush.

Use your fingers if you need to because this primer is very stubborn.

Now I'm popping the whole look by really coveringand setting those undereye circles with a studio fix matte powder that's too light — again,more on that in this video – click if you'd like — higlights all around, and now movingon to bronze.

I've swapped my summer shimmery gold for amatte brown.

I put this beneath my cheek bones and especially along my jawlines – becauseI've maybe put on a couple pounds this summer – whatever.

And then of course a little tostraighten out my broken nose and around my forehead to even out the whole look.

Letting my hair down now, so I can see thewhole picture.

Filling in my brows — let me know if youwant to see more on my brows, happy to do a video on that.

I'm just using a brown eyeshadow and a liner brush.

And then I'm using one of these swirly brushes– I don't knowwhat they're called.

What are they called? This is also a fab tool for getting rid ofthat dry skin when the weathers changing.

Back to eyes, I love this loreal liquid liner.

It has an ultra fine marker tip, but it never goes on too thick, and it never gets flimsylike some other department store brands that I've tried, so I highly recommend this, Ilove it.

And then, I'm winging it just a little bit but then also lining on the bottom.

AndI'm going over it with a brush for a little fixing up.

Now time for lashes, I'm so over falsies rightnow, so I'm just all natural.

A few little pumps with the curler and then applying thefirst black mascara I could find in my makeup bag.

I have a lot in there.

Pushing and rolling,of course, for max color and curl.

Now for some blush.

Brushing a little on,finishing touches.

Love love love NARS blush.

And finally, LIPS.

I'm so crazy about thesenew covergirl colorlicious glosses.

First I'm applying "berrylicious" as my base, thenadding some color and creating faux liner with "craving cranberries" — this is sucha pretty color, I love it and finally adding volume and plump with "honeyed kiss" juston the inner edges.

See that? Muah! And there you have it — the final dressylook! If you have any questions or of course requests – give em to me in the comments below.

And if you wanna see more videos, like this one, check out one of these and of courselike, share, and subscribe! Thank you so much for watching, babes! See you next time!.

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